I wore my favorite shoes today. Sierra picked them out! I passed right by them at JCPenney during that crazy long shopping trip in April but Sierra saw them and loved them!

Self portraits are freaking hard to do. A couple of you mentioned a wireless remote… I used to have one (in 2006) and loved it, I really should get another one!
Can you see how scrunched and baggy my jeans are? Yikes! I should probably not wear them until this giant belly is a bit giant-er.

Today after I did my makeup I turned around to see both girls wearing my heels. They wore them all around the house while I got the diaper bag ready to go.

The second the girls took the heels off to change into their shoes Payson sprinted over and had his shoes off in two seconds and was trotting around in the heels as happy as can be! I didn’t get a picture because I was doing the girls’ hair but it was funny.

3 thoughts on “Shoes!

  • First, your baby belly is so cute!!! Second, I LOVE your new shoes. I have a thing for anything that looks remotely ruffly. That's not even a good word to describe those shoes, but whatever. Third, I think it's so cute that Payson is still carrying around his bday balloon. What a great idea!

  • Love the Shoes and the nail polish!! What shade is that?
    How cute that he jumped into the shoes after the girls were finished with them, such a precious age!

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