This is the Good Life

Today we went and saw Ice Age. The girls laughed and laughed during the movie and Payson would look at his sisters laughing and then at everyone in the theater laughing and then burst out in this cute, loud laugh and everyone near us would look at him and smile and laugh more. It was so fun!

After the movie we stayed in the theater until the employees came to clean. The kids danced to the funky music and when we left the halls were totally empty. Nice!

We went to Target before we headed home. When we got in the car after I felt like I was melting and Payson whined very loudly the whole way home. It wasn’t the most pleasant 30 minutes but boy did it make pulling into the garage a wonderful experience! Home, where there is a bottle and a nap awaiting baby boy!

This time Brooklyn begged me to take another picture because “her balloon wasn’t in the picture!!” (Her balloon? Um, since when?? lol)
And now I really have to hurry back to the school table and work with the girls. They’ve hounded me nonstop during this 15 minute blogging break for more help with their work. The usual around here šŸ™‚

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