Happy 2nd Birthday, Payson!

I’ve thought about Payson’s birthday lots of times during the past two months or so. I debated doing something really cool for his birthday. And then sometimes I thought maybe we’ll just keep it super simple with cake and presents.

I was still debating this this past Friday when I suddenly realized that his birthday wasn’t just coming up soon, it was Sunday!! I didn’t realize it would get here so fast!! So a super simple birthday it was!

In the morning the girls watched a movie while Allan painted and I took Payson to the store for a balloon and a few other things. He was really happy about getting a balloon. He walked proudly through the store with it, holding it up to people we passed, “moon! moon!” and they’d smile and nod. He spent so much time looking up at the balloon floating above his head that he almost ran into things several times. I had to steer him around. lol

When we got home I went and wrapped his presents while Allan played with all three kids in the other room.
We put a present in front of him and he just looked at the wrapping paper (that he picked out!) and didn’t realize he could open it until we pulled a part of the paper away and he caught a glimpse of the toy inside. At that point he was all about tearing the paper away!

Besides cars and balls and the typical boy stuff he is really into puzzles right now. He loves anything with pieces to be put together.

I also got him several books because he’s also really into books. He will sit and listen to me read books over and over. I got him some touch and feel books and some books with hand puppets, he was really excited about those!

We taught him to say “two” and hold up two fingers. He loves to shout out two but hasn’t quite gotten how to hold up only two fingers.

We went outside for a water fight next.

How old are you?


After the water fight we came in for cake! (Gluten and dairy free but tasty!)

And after cake we had a BBQ. Don’t ask me why we did the cake first!

And then yesterday after church I tried to get some pictures with the little birthday boy. He loves doing this but never smiles at the camera!

8 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday, Payson!

  • He's so big! You did a great job putting everything together last minute, and I love his presents. Great ideas, I might have to use some of your ideas!

    I know it's probably not the “correct” way of doing things, but we always had our girls put up a finger on each hand for two. Much easier for them!

    And I loved your homeschool post, such creative ideas!

  • He's such a cutie pie. Happy birthday to Payson! Looks like he had a wonderful day. I can't believe two years have gone by already! It really is flying. They've grown up so much and yet are still such handfuls aren't they? It's true what you wrote on my blog, they were such stinkers in the beginning, making us mommies miserable with the colic, and yet we wouldn't give them up for the world. It's amazing how they do that to us.

  • Awww…Happy Birthday Payson! Great job with the party. My son turns two in 3 weeks 🙁 and I have no idea what we are doing, prob. something small too. Payson's new puppets reminded me that mine doesn't have any, so he runs around with pot holders on his arms…

    The water “body prints” on your wall were so cool, I've never seen that done before!

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