Starting Our Under the Sea Homeschool Unit

We started learning about water today in our Sonlight Science K schedule. Fish, oceans, rivers, ponds, and stuff like that!
I made a bunch of games and activities to go along with the fishy theme.
The girls were pretty dang excited about it all, too!

I used the amazingly-awesome-best-resource-ever Superbooks for some printables and some ideas. I also came up with some of my own ideas based on what we’re working on in school this week.

All three kids dove right into all the activities.

Brooklyn said about each and every one, “This is so easy!” which was pretty cool because there were a couple of new concepts I taught her like synonyms/antonyms that I thought she might struggle with. But nope, two seconds of showing her what to do and she breezed through it all!

Sierra’s activities were all WAY too easy for her because I used the preschool book to plan hers. I need to get the kindergarten one (I don’t have it yet) because that girl is most definitely ready for kindergarten!

This was the synonym/antonym activity. Each fish (on the left) had two words and she had to put them in the right pond (just a blue sheet of paper labeled either synonym or antonym) and then color in a worksheet that went along with that.

Sierra liked the addition facts activity.
It was a bucket with a number written on it and then seashells with addition facts written on them and she had to do the addition fact and then put the shell in the right bucket. (For example the “1+3” seashell goes in the “4” bucket!)

Brooklyn almost always wants me giving her 100% attention when we do school, which is why it’s hard for me to take pictures normally, but today she did everything on her own. It was so nice not having to “hold her hand” through it all.

I put up some waves with the months of the year written on them. The girls sailed a boat across the ocean while saying the months out loud.

Sometimes in between activities the girls would go over to the table where I’d set up a bunch of stuff for Payson to do and play with that instead. Sierra really loves drawing with chalk.

This fishing game was a preschool-age activity. You catch one of the game pieces, the game pieces have a shape drawn on them, then you find a matching game piece with the number of sides that that shape has. So there would be two fish and one fish would have a square and the other fish has the number 4 written on it.

Brooklyn working on fractions while Payson helps Sierra with her counting game.

Sierra got a turn with the fishing game. It was her favorite by far, which I knew it would be πŸ™‚

I’m posting maybe a few too many of her fishing but she was so darn cute doing it!!

Over on Payson’s table were coloring pages of the life cycle of a frog along with an envelope cut into a super simple movie reel showing the life cycle of a frog. Both girls loved this. After coloring the page and talking about the frog’s life cycle we got out our human body book and compared it to what happens with a human baby.

This game was putting together compound words. Brooklyn loved it. She wants to sit down and write her own tomorrow.

For some sensory fun I put out this glass of sand and shells for the kids to play with. This was an obvious favorite of all three kids. Payson surprisingly didn’t make a huge mess with it. Tomorrow we’ll pull this out again, on the kitchen floor though, and play.

This game was pretty simple… match the times on the analog clock with the digital clock.

I managed to snap some pictures of what Payson was doing during all of this time.
Gluing his sister’s worksheet. Coloring his sister’s other worksheet. Playing with the pattern shells. Spending about ten seconds playing with the table area I specially set up for him. Playing with puzzles. Cuddling with elephant. “Helping” his sister. Looking sheepish for licking the glue stick. Drawing with chalk. Taking parts from one activity and putting them somewhere else.

At this point I’d instructed and helped the kids out on all of the activities and they knew what to do so I sat down and drank water and watched them play. It was my favorite part just watching all the hard work of planning and copying and cutting and coloring and laminating being played with πŸ™‚

After another twenty or thirty minutes of playing the kids decided they were ready for the art projects (I’d told them about them earlier in the day.)

This project was supposed to have paper splattered with paint covered by a fish outline but neither of my girls could figure out how to splatter the paint effectively and ended up just painting the paper.

After that I painted the girls’ feet and they stepped onto a sand colored construction paper. Then we sprayed the paper with glue and sprinkled on sand. Then the girls hot glued some shells on.

These turned out really pretty. The girls absolutely LOVE them and can’t wait to hang them on their wall tomorrow after they’re dry.

Proud of their artwork:

And this little guy was pretty darn tired at this point!

8 thoughts on “Starting Our Under the Sea Homeschool Unit

  • Looking at the last couple of pictures of the girls with their art made me want to tear up a little…they look SO proud, but really YOU should be just as proud. Look at what you are doing for/with your children! You are amazing at homeschooling and I wish I had a fraction of your skill and patience.

  • Awesome post. I am amazed that you find the time to plan and prepare all of the activities. That is my biggest hurdle to homeschooling. Great job!

  • That was a pretty nice lesson… I teach for a living and probably wouldn't have though up as many ways to use ocean / fish / sand ect. for all the disciplines. Great work!!!

  • I'm so impressed with this. All the planning and cutting and laminating and organizing – WOW! Great work, seriously. I'm tired just thinking about all the time and energy you must have put into this activity.

  • What a great lesson, the art work they finished looks awesome. My favorite photo was the one of you, and the belly πŸ™‚ sitting on the floor, so precious.

  • WOW. Can my kids come have school at your house please?! Goodness!! You do some major planning, preparing, and doing with your kiddos! What a wonderful mommy/teacher you are! I want to be like you when I grow up! πŸ™‚ All of these lessons looked so fun and my girls would love to do all of it! I'm going to try to plan more activities for them for our next year of school!

    I loved all the pictures, but the one of your belly is my absolute fav!!!!

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