Rattlesnake Scare

Earlier this week Allan, the kids and I were hanging out in the backyard when we heard what sounded like a sprinkler turn on. It was coming from the desert on the other side of our fence.

Allan said something startling like, “Ok everyone go inside!” or something that made me realize our neighbors sprinklers were in fact not on but the sound we were hearing was a rattlesnake! I’ve never heard a rattlesnake before!

The rattlesnake was hiding in a bush a few feet away from our fence. We never got a good look at it because it didn’t come out while we were there. Allan says that snakes can’t get over our fence so that made me feel a lot better!

So today after school time the kids and I decided to go play outside since it was “only” 90 degrees out. I sat in the grass with the kids for a while and then Sierra and I went to sit on the porch swing.
Brooklyn was standing near the fence but in the grass. She was about 6 inches away from a sprinkler head when without warning the sprinklers turned on.
Brooklyn’s eyes bulged out of her head, her mouth dropped open and she jumped about a foot in the air. She started sprinting towards the porch with this look of pure terror on her face.

This all happened within a couple of seconds. She soon realized that the sound was the sprinklers (the water spraying her clued her in pretty quick) and started laughing hysterically when she reached the porch. She thought it was a rattlesnake at first! And imagine her horror at it being so close!
When she reached the porch, she and I were pretty much not breathing we were laughing so hard.

It’s a hard story to tell but it was sooo freaking funny when it happened. I, too, thought for a split second that it was a rattlesnake. We laughed so hard at her extreme reaction that I almost peed my pants!

This picture is unrelated to the story but here we are outside. This is the third day in a row I remembered to take a picture with the kids!

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  • Look at you, still laying on your belly! ;c) I can't sleep any other way, so I slept on my belly until the very end. When I was pregnant with Peyton, I confessed that to my Dr. and asked him if that would cause any harm to the baby. In a very casual manner, he answered, “No, not really…I mean she might come out with a flat head, but…” and then I realized he was joking. JERK! lol ;c)

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