I spent the entire day cleaning today. I’ve had this overwhelming urge to organize and clean everything in my entire house. My pantry and closet and the laundry room cupboards are being completely rearranged. I just need things super clean right now for some reason.

I was folding laundry today and thinking to myself how I think this is way too many clothes for us to wear and wash every freaking week.
I ended up putting all of the kids’ clothes, except for three outfits, in my closet so that they can’t change their outfits ten times a day anymore. They leave their clothes all over the house and throw their clean clothes into the laundry basket! Drives me nuts, I tell you.

While I was folding laundry Payson climbed up to the table and snacked on peanuts and raisins. (All that mess behind him is our recycling)


Me and the kids.

Brooklyn begged me to retake it because her hair was in her face in the last one. I went to squat down with Payson and almost fell on my butt. So graceful.

You probably didn’t notice Payson’s footwear in those last two pictures.
He brought me those socks and shoes today and begged me to put them on him. Since he wasn’t getting out of the car when we went to do the recycling (therefore not being seen by anybody) I let him. He was so thrilled!

7 thoughts on “Whew

  • You poor thing having to lug the recycling like that! We are blessed in our city they do curbside recycling, NO separating and take all plastics 1-7. I think I will miss that the most when we move since I am a recycling addict.

  • I completely understand your clothing comment, so much that I recently purged out clothing and donated a TON. I was folding laundry, a table full – when it hit me… do we REALLY need all of these clothes??? So, I sorted and bagged at that moment and then went through all of our closets. Honestly, one of the best things I have done 🙂

    On another note, don't burn yourself out!!! You look adorable 🙂

  • I can totally relate on the clothes thing! The girls are constantly changing outfits and leaving a trail of clothes all over the house! It drives me crazy! I was just thinking about removing 1/2 the clothes we own, AND taking them ALL out of their rooms!!

    Love all the pics!! 🙂 Payson's choice of footwear cracked me up….Levi's favorite would be my high heels! LOL It makes Rusty crazy when Levi walks out in my shoes!! lol

  • Haha! What an adorable photo of Payson with his socks and sandals. Guess all kids love choosing strange clothing! Belly bump is too cute, you guys look great!

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