Oh Sierra

Sierra yelled at me today.

I think kids that yell at their moms must be very tired little kids. I told Sierra that to which she yelled that she “wasn’t tired!” which told me that she was much more tired than I thought and needed an even longer nap!

And the little girl slept for over 2 hours. I’m thinking maybe this summer Sierra needs daily naptimes. She is only 4, Brooklyn took daily naps until she was 5!

5 thoughts on “Oh Sierra

  • Sounds like she needed that sleep! Natalie still took naps at 4, but not every single day. Probably 3-4 days out of the week. Even at 5, she still napped maybe once or twice a week (by her own free will). But when she did nap, it was always for 2-3 hours. Erica is following suit. She can get by without a nap some days, but some days she really needs it. I'm sure the heat doesn't help. I know we're all more tired in the summer!

  • We had the same issue with Ballerina today and she is 5. She doesn't take naps regularly, but she took at 3 hour one today.

  • My almost 5 year ol still takes naps 5 days a week. The weekend is the exception. Even my 7 year old takes naps every once in a while. I sure need it sometimes… for all 4 of them to just nap!

  • My 4 yr. old still takes naps, every day. Much needed naps too. My 4 & 2 yr. olds take them at the same time. The house is very quiet when they do so, and I like quiet. 🙂

  • this little cutie could not POSSIBLY create that behavior!! g'ma knows she's an angel, JK!! hope today fares better for all of you! i am so bored today, wish i could just pop on over to visit!!

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