Crappy Day

I suppose it’s not fair to say it was all crappy but most of it was crappy. The only good moments were eating breakfast outside and watching Enchanted with the kids at 2pm. The rest sucked.

And sadly for no particular reason. Everything was just bugging me today. My kids splashed and screamed a lot in the tub, it took Sierra TEN minutes to get her shoes on because she’s a total turd when it comes to getting her shoes on, Brooklyn was whining like she was a 2 year old, Sierra spilled her drink, Payson found a cracker and ate it (means more diarrhea tomorrow *sigh*), I couldn’t reach Allan at work, my pelvis hurts a lot, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot. Even with a fan on it’s hot. I’m dying it’s so hot. I hate that it’s so hot. So freaking hot!!!!!

See? I’m moody! lol

I said screw making dinner and got the kids McDonald’s instead. That helps because I really, really, really, really, really, really hate cooking.
I’m going to do some mad cleaning after the kids go to bed. I’m going to rearrange the furniture in the school room and hopefully tomorrow is more pleasant!

8 thoughts on “Crappy Day

  • Can I just say I feel your pain? I was going to post a similar blog today about yesterday and today. I was sure today would be better. Can't say that it was.

    I posted about my friends new baby boy instead and tried to pretend that's the only part of my day that happened. πŸ˜‰ Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  • Aww…hope your day goes better tommorow πŸ™‚ And I too hate hate hate hate cooking right now. Today I boiled pasta and dumped a jar of sauce on top and called a day!

  • Sorry you had a bad day. I'm glad that you post about your bad days, though. It's nice to know that your family is as real as mine, lol.

  • So sorry you had a bummer of a day πŸ™ Hoping today is a better one for you.

    This morning I have started out quiet cranky… unlike me, wondering how the day will turn out.

  • I hate those days. And they just seem amplified by ten when you're pregnant! And oh the heat! I know it's hotter where you are, but you know once it's in the 90s, it's just HOT. Does it bug you to hear about other people “finally” getting to enjoy doing outside things now that it's summer? We spend most of our summer inside because it's TOO HOT!

  • I've had 3 summer babies so I feel ya about the heat. No airconditioning ANYWHERE in Germany when I had my oldest, I think that was the worst. Even the hospital had no a/c!

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