Breakfast on the Grass

The girls randomly requested that we eat our morning snack outside in the grass today and though I was already feeling the heat of the day coming on I agreed because, well, how could I not agree to such a simple request??

Payson was cracking me up keeping his feet out of the grass!

You know what’s funny is a hard boiled egg is one of my kids’ all time favorite snacks. Brooklyn used to throw up if a taste of egg even touched her lips!

Payson was having a hard time reaching his food because…

When he bent over his feet would touch the grass!

He’s been barefoot out there a couple times and never done this. How random and funny that he did today.

Once he decided he wanted the food more than he wanted his feet off the ground he was fine and didn’t notice the grass texture after that. lol

The girls got themselves all dressed up for the “event.”

It started with the skirts because Brooklyn doesn’t have any clean shorts. Once she was wearing the skirt she decided she needed wings because she really wanted to be a fairy outside.

I’ve decided that this summer I want to try to get a picture of me with the kids every day. Even when I haven’t gotten dressed up or done my makeup and feel really ugly I’m still going to do it! I think it’s so important to have pictures with your kids!

So, today I started towards that goal. It didn’t really work out well. I had a hard time getting in place before the timer went off!
When I’m in the second trimester I hate the way my belly looks when I’m sitting down. I don’t think I look pregnant, just like I have a huge blob of fat! lol

I tried once more and failed and decided that those efforts were good enough for the day! lol

It was time to go in and Brooklyn thought she’d help Payson over the gravel since he had no shoes.

And now I have to get back to school work with the girls!

Which reminds me, does it bore you to tears when I post about homeschool stuff?

6 thoughts on “Breakfast on the Grass

  • No, one of the reasons I follow your blog is because we are also homeschoolers and I am always looking for new ideas. My four are 10, 8, 5 and 2.

    I appreciate your point about pictures of Mom. I am the family photographer and am in less than 1% of photos. Heck, it's probably much, much lower than that.

  • What a fun Breakfast! You're guys are always so precious in their fairy outfits!

    I remember when my little guy was like this with the grass, it was so cute to see! Thanks for bringing back that memory!

    For our Family pics I use the Canon RC-1 Wireless Remote, they are pretty inexpensive on ebay and work wonderful. It's small enough to hide in your hand and will even attach to your camera strap. (I need to make myself use it more often)

    As a fellow Homeschool Mom I LOVE your homeschool posts!

  • I enjoy your homeschool posts too…and I'm not a homeschooler. I also recommend the wireless remote, it's perfect for those family photos in front of the Christmas tree, no timer needed.

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