Long Hair in the Summer is Yucky

The temperature has reached the 100s. I’ve been wearing my hair down as often as possible this year because it looks so much better than scooping it up into a ponytail but the day has finally arrived; this mop has got to get off my neck or I think I might faint from the heat.
It’s ponytails from here on out for this lady:

4 thoughts on “Long Hair in the Summer is Yucky

  • It's not even gotten quite that hot here, and my hair is not near as long as yours, and I've already given in for the most part. I still try to keep it down for church and other “nicer” events, but from day to day, it's a ponytail for me. At least yours is long enough you can do a nice ponytail and even other variations. Mine is at that akward stage where it just barely fits into one at all and I still have bangs and short pieces in the back falling out. :-/ Can't wait for fall!

  • Oh my gosh, I know!! I tell people all the time, it feels like a big, heavy horse blanket when it's hot. Not enough to make me cut it off, but ponytails are about all I can take in the heat. And sometimes even the ponytail is too hot on my back and I put it in an ugly bun! Oh well, what else can we do?

  • I understand completely — my hair is long right now and I wear nothing but pony tails. I need to get it chopped off I guess. Oh well!

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