I Appreciate the Cheap Movie but I Hate the Crowd!

Man oh man do I hate crowds. Have I mentioned that on my blog ever? I think it often enough living here in the overpopulated valley of the sun.
Every time I go out for any sort of errand I feel my blood pressure rising as I fight waves of people going and doing the same things I am. It’s like a human wavepool here! No water, just hundreds of sweaty bodies pressing through stores and restaurants and theaters and parks.

I love that summer brings the local theater’s summer movie program with its cheap movies every week but I hate that I feel like a cow in a herd every time we go. A giant group of people, crammed wall to wall, pressing forward to get good seats. And then an hour and a half later the same group of people pushing their way towards the exits. I’m just a cow in a herd, driven forward by the desire to get the heck out of the theater and into my car. I swear I can almost hear the people around me moo as we inch along.

Sometimes while I’m walking and holding two kids’ hands while holding another on my hip and being pushed from all directions by rude people I feel like stopping in place and just screaming as loud as I can.
But I don’t because that would be rude. And weird.

So I move along and after a while I can see the doors ahead and suddenly we’re outside and the world is happy again.

One thought on “I Appreciate the Cheap Movie but I Hate the Crowd!

  • Funny, I was just looking at our schedule here. They are bad to attend at certain theaters. Around here the YMCA brings their entire day camp to them… imagine about 70 children who are sparsley chaperoned in one of these theaters. It is a nightmare! I almost wish they were not allowed to attend them, it is that bad!

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