Swimming Beat Out School

It was pretty warm in our sunny state of Arizona today. 101 degrees warm.
The kids and I got home from a morning full of errands and that blissfully sunny backyard seemed to call to us to skip school for the day and come swimming.

So we did.

And let me tell you it was so worth it.

Sun, splashing, squeals of happiness.

Siblings loving on each other. Oh the loving on each other!

Lots of spraying.

And even lots of lounging.

Snacks were brought out and promptly devoured.

All three had their first taste of pistachios and all three are major fans.

Payson learned really quick how to eat a pistachio without needing mommy to help. First you bite down on the entire thing, then you spit it all in your hand, then you pick out the nut and lastly you throw the shell pieces on the ground!
But only after you guzzle all of your lemonade!

The boy was thirsty! He grabbed the lemonade first thing and didn’t put it down until it was empty. Then he tried to steal Brooklyn’s! (He drank two huge cups of water shortly after this!)

After a bit (a LOT) of snacking it was right back to the pool for some practice holding breath under water.

And after a few minutes the sprinklers turned on!

The grass is still pretty fragile so I told the girls they could run through the yard just once each.

But they were laughing so hard that I let them run through once more together.

And then I really had to let them just once more!

Payson was hanging out on our porch swing while the girls were running.

I always strip the kids down before heading inside and just leave their swimsuits out to dry. I got Payson undressed first and while I helped the girls he had gone over and sat on the curbing to wait.
And then we went inside to eat dinner!
What a perfect day 🙂

3 thoughts on “Swimming Beat Out School

  • How fun!! I really need to buy our pool for this year. It is already so hot here ( high 90s so we are catching up to you). I wanted to get one just like yours but with our 3 dogs I am afraid it would be clawed the first day.

  • That looks like so much fun. The grass looks great…love the pic of the girls running together. I'm very jealous of your weather. Our temps. lately are high 50s/low 60s in WA….funny, when the temp. hits 70 degrees my kids will be running around in swimsuits ready to play in the water.

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