Buy Organic? Shop Costco!

My gosh I filled my cart with some great stuff today at Costco! We got home and ate the rest of the day away. Filled our bellies with fruits and vegetables and delicious chicken. yum.
Of course before the healthy binge fest we had to have a little bit of this greasy good stuff as well:

4 thoughts on “Buy Organic? Shop Costco!

  • Costco? Who knew. We're loyal to Whole Foods but I'm sure Costco prices are much cheaper! Will have to think about getting a membership there.

  • Oh I 2nd Costco! We bought $34 worth of berries last weekend, my husband was so sure it'd be wasted, yeah it barely lasted 4 days. The girls and I devoured it! With berries I always go organic if possible and Costco is the place! I saw their whole organic chickens last weekend too and planned to get some tonight when we go. I take it they are good?!

  • Last summer our Costco had TONS of organics, this year so far they have about NONE in the refrigerated/produce areas! 🙁 So anyone that's looking to buy a membership…check your local store first! It seems to vary VERY greatly.

  • I so wish we had a Costco in our city(there is one about 1 1/2 hours away).

    We have been finding some nice produce at our local Sam's and Farmer's Market thank goodness!

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