Cotton Ball Painting

I’ve been feeling lately that I need to include Payson in our craft time every day. I pulled out my preschool activity book for some ideas and Brooklyn wanted to do the painting with cotton balls.

It’s pretty simple… pick up a cotton ball with a clothespin and paint. All three loved it.
Oh boy am I tired. Is it normal to be exhausted at only 22 weeks pregnant? I started taking extra iron last week convinced that I’m anemic (I always get severely anemic during pregnancy) but it hasn’t helped at all. I’m getting decent sleep and staying hydrated… I don’t get it. I’ll bring it up at my next doctor appointment but until then… zzzzzzzzzzz

3 thoughts on “Cotton Ball Painting

  • You're taking care of 3 kids this time! I know that fatigue was my biggest ailment with this last pg. I literally felt like I could sleep all day everyday through most of my pregnancy. Hope you get some energy soon!

    I look back at pics from when it was just Natalie and I can't believe the things I used to do with her when she was so young! Things I've never even considered doing with Graham at that age, because it's just too much work! haha! I'm glad Payson is enjoying group craft time. I'm sure as Graham gets closer to 2, I'll start letting him do more stuff with the girls too!

  • Let me just say that I slept at least 13 hours every day of both of my pregnancies and took vitamins and extra iron and was STILL exhausted. What helped? A pregnancy yoga dvd to help me focus on breathing and good old stretches and some poses that are great for pregos. The other help? Every morning I took a nice slow walkk in the early morning. Nothing insane or power walking, just enjoying early morning silence and waking up my body. Honestly, it helped tons. Also, carrot juice is a great energizer!

    Oh and the cotton ball painting thin? THAT TOTALLY ROCKS AND I AM SO STEALING IT!

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