Bad Email

A quick note to anyone who gets emails from me. Don’t open ANY of them. My computer has a virus and is sending infected emails. At least that’s what I’m guessing since an email went to all of my contacts with some random link and I didn’t send it!


So, don’t even open any emails from me. One more thing to do today, fix the computer.

And on a side note… I didn’t go to any new or weird sites and I don’t open email from people I don’t know! How the heck did I get this? I go to facebook, my favorite blogs and to yahoo and that’s about it >:-(

9 thoughts on “Bad Email

  • This happened to a friend of ours – did you happen to click on anything that looked like a Nortan warning? Or a regualr PC warning? There's this nasty thing out there that makes you think you are doing something you did a million other times but it's slightly different.
    Hope you get it fixed – what a pain! :/

  • I had this happen on my yahoo account. You need to change your password and check your profile page to make sure that no info was changed.
    I did a virus scan on my computer, and it didn't show anything. I haven't had any problems since I changed my password.

  • Facebook big time!!! It has happened with a few people I know, including me, in the past six months. Sorry it happened to you, it is such a pain!


  • Yuck! This happened to my computer last Christmas. Husband said it came from a babycenter forum I visit. I accidently clicked on some pop up that said it was from Nortan protection…then Poof! Good Luck!

  • Thanks for all the suggestions… it just may have been facebook because I was on facebook two or three days ago and I did get a popup that my computer had a virus and needed to be checked. I closed the window because it wasn't my usual antivirus software but I guess it was too late 🙁

    I changed my email password so hopefully that helps. Except now my email isn't working at all. Computer stuff is just stupid sometimes! lol

  • Wow, the computer virus thing must be going around. I had to totally wipe my computer back to factory settings. The last place I was before the computer went crazy was…. you guessed it, Facebook.

  • Y'all need to consider switching to Mac's. Since we have had all Mac's and no PC's we have never had one virus. EVER. And we don't even use anti-virus software. I don't understand why that is but my husband works in IT and swears Mac's are safer and save you tons of money in the long run.

    And I didn't know you were on fb Ariana. If you get back on there look me up. 🙂

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