Payson at the Movies + Reading with Daddy

This morning the kids and I went to the movies. It was Payson’s first time going and I was feeling nervous on the drive there about how he’d handle it.

Turns out I worried about nothing. He had a good time cuddling with me and his elephant and watching the movie and eating his snacks. He didn’t cry or scream or whine and we had arrived 20 minutes early and were sitting in the theater for 2 hours altogether!
The only time he complained was during the last three minutes of the movie when he filled his diaper and wanted to be changed!

After dinner tonight Allan and the girls read books together all the way until bedtime.
Brooklyn read and then Allan read and then Brooklyn read again. They all had such a good time and listening in was heavenly 🙂

One thought on “Payson at the Movies + Reading with Daddy

  • What did you go see? Toby hated the first movie I took him to (A Christmas Carol, we left after the first 15 minutes), liked The Princess and the Frog, and ADORED How To Train Your Dragon. But half the reason he sat through the last two was because he was busy stuffing his face with popcorn 🙂

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