Random of the Kids and Belly

I love looking at other women’s pregnant bellies. I love looking back at my own pregnancy pictures. Pictures I took grudgingly and hated at the time, I treasure now.

And so despite not wanting to and having an extremely difficult time getting pictures in focus, I’ve been taking a LOT of belly pictures this time around. I post them occasionally, of course, but the majority are just stored on my hard drive for me to look back on after the baby comes.

In the past I’d never share a picture like this one:
Because I don’t like sharing my bare belly. But there it is anyway.

Any long time readers remember this one of my pregnancy with Payson?
My gosh I was big, wasn’t I? Payson was 9 1/2 pounds when he was born, though!

I loved that one and all the silhouette pictures I took when pregnant with him so much that I decided to start doing those this time, too.

And here’s one I usually wouldn’t share but is so how 98% of my pictures of myself turn out. This one was snapped just to check the exposure. I think I look mad. ha

Before all the belly shots I’d taken these random ones of the kids spinning on our office chair yet again. I have over a hundred pictures of the kids spinning on our office chair from the past 3 years. Today I grabbed the camera specifically because Payson was giving me all kinds of silly faces as they spun.

In my head I was saying, “Ariana, really, more office chair pictures?”
But how was I to resist this face?:

And I love this one because it is sooo Payson. He does this all the time, screams to get down or off or stop doing whatever it is we’re doing and when we put him down or stop he screams even louder. Crazy kid.
Sorry things are boring around here lately. I’ve been sick and anemic and very tired.

6 thoughts on “Random of the Kids and Belly

  • Ariana,

    Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. I love your “red” belly shots. I wish I had those when I was preg., I never really took any belly shots.


  • I love the belly shots. I love seeing pregnant bellies too. Birth is such a miracle, it's always amazing to see it in stages no matter how many times we've been there or seen it.

  • Love the pregnant belly shots! I wish I would have taken more pics of myself, but I was preoccupied with how big I was getting, too bad 🙁

  • I remember the Payson shot. 🙂 Keep taking belly shots often. Like the other commenters, I wish I mad more of them! I don't think I have even one with my youngest.

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