You’re a Horrible Mother if You Spoon Feed Your Child

says Payson.
I’d say 99.999% of the time I let Payson feed himself. Today I was giving him leftover chili and normally I don’t mind that he gets his chili all over when he eats because I just plop him in the bath after. But I’d just given him a bath and didn’t feel like giving him another and didn’t feel like making him something else to eat.

So spoon feed him was the best solution. Except he starting screaming and telling me, “No! Don’t!” each time I brought the spoon towards his mouth.

I asked him, “Oh Payson are you so mad?!”
Which made him crack a smile.

But then the spoon comes towards him again and he’s back to crying.
I understand, Payson. I would hate to be spoon fed, too. But really I just don’t want to deal with the mess tonight and I’m more stubborn than you.

I gave him a bite while he was whining with an open mouth. He angrily spit it out onto his tray but being hungry and seeing his favorite food right in front of him, he immediately grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth. While crying, of course.

And then since he’d already accepted part of the forbidden food he figured he might as well allow himself to be spoon fed.

But then mean old mommy had to pick up the camera again. That made him mad!
And so I finished feeding him without another picture.

But do you want to know the cool thing about spoon feeding an unwilling child? When you hand the child a banana, which they previously refused to eat, and let them hold it themselves…

That banana is the best dang thing in the world!

Two points for mommy. Clean child after dinner = quick bedtime. Banana after main course = very full belly.

Payson kept biting into the peel. Probably because he was getting so much attention and thought that would make us laugh.

Which it did:

One thought on “You’re a Horrible Mother if You Spoon Feed Your Child

  • I'm a stalker and just wanted to come out and tell you how much I enjoy your blog.
    You have a beautiful family, and I'm so glad you get to stay home and enjoy your little ones. I did and have never regreted it for one min.

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