Visiting a New Park

We had a cold front come through this week. Today it was only 88 outside when we left the house.
With this cool-enough-to-leave-the-house weather I decided to take the kids to the park.
They all had a lot of fun. This might be our new favorite park to go to.

Something kinda funny that happened while we were there is this adorable little girl kept coming over to Payson to try to play. Payson is usually a total social butterfly and saying hi and babbling away to other kids. He loves to hold their hand and give them hugs, too.
But today he was completely anti-social with this poor girl. She was the sweetest thing and he was completely ignoring her or giving her dirty looks!
It was a little bit funny (except the poor girl) because it’s SO unlike him!

The girls’ intense expressions are because they were trying to see the bird that was making all the crazy-loud, monkey-like noises over in the trees.

This balance beam was really wobbly so Brooklyn felt super proud when she made it across.

Later on Brooklyn took some pictures of me.

And my 21 week belly.

We were all hot and getting sweaty at this point so we hung out under some pretty big (for AZ) trees to cool off.

Here Payson was watching with great interest as Brooklyn pulled some leaves off the tree. The kid loves trees and just typing that I realized it might be because he rarely sees them! lol

Near the very end of our trip Payson’s shoe came off in the sticky mud.

He tried unsuccessfully to put it back on.

It’s hard to put a shoe on when you’re trying to avoid getting your hands dirty.

He finally gave up and brought his shoe to me for help 🙂
We left right after that. It was 90 degrees by then and that’s just too hot for this pregnant mama.

3 thoughts on “Visiting a New Park

  • How cute!! Your whole family is just super adorable!! Thanks for sharing your daily activities with us. Oh and congrats on the little girl, you look great!!

  • 88, I love it! Although pregnant, yeah, I would probably be exhausted too. It's going to be that hot this weekend here and I am sooooo excited for the warmth, finally! I love how flushed (rosy cheeks!) the girls faces are after playing so hard. And Payson's shoe incident is too cute.

  • Too funny, Payson in the mud would have gave me a small panic attack though…I hate getting dirty or cleaning messes. What a fun day for your family!

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