Bartlett Lake

We went to Bartlett Lake with Allan’s parents on Saturday. I think I’d be a totally happy going to the lake once a week 🙂

Every time we go to Bartlett lake we get “attacked” by the bluegills. They were nipping at our legs and toes within seconds of getting in the water.

When we had lunch the girls decided to feed the bluegill little bits of their hotdog buns.
The bluegill got a lot more aggresive after that! They were doing some pretty good bites at my toes! Freaked me the heck out.

They were all over Payson, too. Luckily he had water socks so his toes were safe 😉

Allan’s dad found this crawdad near the shore.

The kids were really intrigued.

Grandpa and grandma brought all sorts of yummy treats to the lake. The girls’ favorite were chocolate chip and m&m cookies. Sierra got a big glob of chocolate on her nose which I thought was so cute.

Payson used the cooler as a drum.

And thought he was so clever.

Then it was time for wakeboarding!

The water was super choppy from the wind.

We all loved watching Allan out there. Sierra called it, “lakeboarding.”

We went back to the shore and the girls swam for a little bit longer.

While Payson played on the boat with some trucks that grandpa and grandma brought for him.

On the way back to the parking lot Allan’s dad let Brooklyn drive for a bit.

And she looked so darn cute!

Allan’s mom, the kids, and I waited in the shade while Allan and his dad loaded up the car and wiped down the boat.

And then it was goodbye lake; thanks for the great time.

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