5 thoughts on “We Are Such Healthy Eaters

  • Brownies for breakfast? Sign me up! [smile]

    Yesterday I was given a bag of caramel popcorn drizzled with peanuts and chocolate. …[cough] I no longer have a bag of caramel popcorn drizzled with peanuts and chocolate.

    But it sure was tasty!


  • My husband bought me a big box of chocolates for Mother's Day from a local chocolate/candy store. He bought each of the kids chocolate lollipops too. I was saving the pops for a special occasion. Well that special occasion was breakfast yesterday, haha. We had chocolate milk to wash them down too. Breakfast of champions, yay!

  • This post makes me smile! I'm so glad to know that the world's most healthy eating children (yours!) had fast food and then brownies for breakfast! 😉 Now if only my poor babies could come eat at your house for a week! They wouldn't know what to do with all healthy food. 🙁 That's sad, but so true. You have got to be the world's best mom when it comes to feeding your children healthy meals! They are so blessed to have you! I have got to do better about food choices for my family!

  • This made me laugh…as I sit here eating MY brownie for breakfast!

    As a Nutrition major I get a lot of people asking me if we eat healthy 100% of the time: Ummm…NO!

    It happens to all of us…lol

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