I Won the Train Track War!

My kids adore playing with trains.

Last Christmas I got Payson a simple little track from Ikea. I set it up on our train table and he happily pushed his trains around the track for a few minutes.

And then he took a couple of the track pieces away. And then later a couple more. And eventually not one piece of the tracks was left on the train table. None on the table but many all over the house!

I hate pieces of toy sets all over my house. Hate it.
I’d gather all the pieces every couple of days and put it all back together on the train table. The kids would play for a minute or two and then take off with the tracks again! I got so sick of the tracks everywhere that I donated that set to Goodwill two months after Christmas.

I longingly gazed at the train track packages at Target the other day. I wanted desperately to get Payson a set for his birthday next month because he will play so happily at Barnes and Noble with the train set there.

And that’s when I realized… I could glue the tracks down! It’s so simple…
And it has totally worked!! (And yes, he opened this present a month early, he’s bored out of his mind indoors all day, I had to get him a couple things early!)

7 thoughts on “I Won the Train Track War!

  • this is so “little boy” and what a clever idea! i wonder how many clever ideas come from desperation! missing you! is allan back yet? i have to tell you we have a guy named “alan” at church and just like my name spelled “debra” looks wrong i kept thinking how messed up it is not to have double letters!! we are the normal ones…..do you realize that every girl in our immediate family has double letters? “kelly, tiffany, brooklyn, sierra, elliette, jeena, debbra”?? cool huh?!

  • That is a great idea. I'm going to remember that. Cayden loves them too. I don't think I've ever known a little boy that didn't love trains. It must be built into their genetic code.

  • What a great idea!! My eldest girls had a wooden train set, but we gave it away. Now our youngest is 18 months & loves trains, so I guess we'll be getting another set, but definately gluing it down!!xx

  • You will have to let me know if this continues to be a hit. I plan on getting Graham a train table/tracks for either his bday (in October) or Christmas this year. I had a friend who tried gluing them down, but it just made her son mad because he liked to take them apart and put them back together again. But I'm thinking at this age, they don't really care for that.

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