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Some comments I wanted to respond to…

My hair looks almost the same if I do nothing to it. Didn’t you say one time you have some mediterranean descent in you or am I nuts…seems like all us lot have wavy thick hair šŸ™‚
Looks very pretty, you always have the best eye make up we really need a tutortial!

Yep, mediterranean. My grandma is full greek; she and her brother immigrated here from Greece when she was younger! I really take after that side of the family.

I know you’ve asked a few times for a makeup tutorial but I suck at that sort of tutorial. Thanks for all the compliments, though šŸ™‚

I’m sitting here in awe, staring at Payson’s plate of food. Why oh why won’t Cayden eat anything but the same three things over and over and over? I pray for him to overcome this pickiness all the time. I offer him everything under the sun every meal, every day, and nothing. I’ve never had a kid this picky and I worry about his health. Just Wow…very impressed (and envious) right now with Payson.
I am lucky when it comes to feeding Payson. I still deal with Brooklyn’s pickiness at every single meal and it’s been 6 years, so I definitely know what you’re going through!! The stress and worry are overwhelming when they don’t seem to be eating a balanced enough diet.

When did you first give him raw veggies (like carrots)? I haven’t tried any with Graham yet. I’m guessing Payson does well with them? I’m trying to decide when would be a good time to try them with Graham.
Raw like not a baby food jar? When he was 6 months old we started solids… I would puree fresh veggies in the food processor and give him that. He has always loved it no matter what combination I tossed together. He did get a lot of baby food jars, too. We went to exclusively raw purees at about a year.

nice… you gotta tell me what that is in the Michael Miller Carnival Bloom fabric. That just might be my favorite fabric print of all time!
It is so pretty. I love that fabric. It’s a cloth wipe, actually. Nothing exciting. lol

I am so excited because I think I’ve finally talked my husband into letting me get a new lens for my Nikon for Mother’s Day. Any suggestions??
I don’t know much about nikon. I’ve been dying to get something in the 24-70mm range. I’m so glad you’re getting (got?) one!

Hi Ariana, I follow your blog regularly and enjoy the pics of your sweet kids. I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased the cute ABC t-shirts the girls are wearing? Thanks, Debbie
I think it was Kohl’s. Or maybe JCPenney. One of those two places for sure.

And I have to ask you….where did you get those totally awesome flower canisters on your kitchen counter? I must get my hands on some. šŸ™‚
Target (gosh I love that store), I’ve been wanting flour/sugar containers for aaaaaaages.

What kinds of dips do you serve with your fruits/veggies? And what’s in your stuffed tomatoes?
Here are the fruit dip recipes.
The veggie dip in that post is store bought. Usually we just use ranch, though.
The stuffed tomatoes are pioneer woman’s recipe. Ricotta cheese and herbs are in the stuffing. I actually didn’t really like the tomatoes and I’m a HUGE tomato/herb/ricotta lover!

Are you hoping for a boy or girl (besides the obvious “healthy baby response, lol!)? I was hoping for a boy the 3rd time around but of course can’t picture it any other way now than with my 3 girls!
I want another little girl more than I could possibly say.
But I would be just as happy with a boy, just sad that I won’t get to purchase pink and frilly stuff and have another girl to do fairy and princess and foofy parties and outtings for. lol

Cute outfits, do you usually dress them alike?
I’ve loved dressing them alike since Sierra was a baby. I dressed them alike a lot of the time the first 5 years.
I loved to dress like my sister when I was little and it’s just carried on for me, I guess. lol
I stopped dressing them alike last year for some reason and earlier this year they were both BEGGING me to start dressing them like “twinners” again. I was happy to oblige!

I am super jealous at how tiny you are! I wish I looked that good while pregnant… especially with my 4th! And you look more prettier than ever! (If that even makes any sense) It’s the glow!
Must be flattering angles because there is nothing tiny about me right now. lol
I can’t wait to find out what you’re having… I didn’t realize you were that far along already… it went fast! I am kinda hoping for a girl.
It has gone fast! I would really love having a baby girl again.
And I love your headband. Where did you get it? I recently cut my hair and love the look of headbands since I can’t really do much to my hair. I cheacked walmart and they don’t got much but that’s as far as I’ve looked. I was thinking Target would be way better… I need to make my way over there.
Yep, Target! It was pretty cheap, too. I picked up three different ones and some rings and earrings. Really cute stuff there right now. The rings were only $6, too!

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  • Thanks for taking the time to answer these! As for the carrots, I just meant raw, as in not cooked. Graham's had cooked carrots, since they are softer, but I haven't given him raw ones since they're so hard. And no, I didn't get a new lens. We had some unexpected car problems, so it wasn't in the budget for now. šŸ™

  • Thanks for answering out comments šŸ™‚

    Glad I wasn't imagining things. I was pretty sure I wasn't imagining it but who knows when it comes to me…LOL

    Somewhere I love love love to get headbands is ETSY šŸ™‚ Cheap, handmade, and beautiful!

    You should tell us what you are craving etc and let us guess the sex šŸ˜‰

  • Yeah thanks for answering! I seriously am hoping you have a girl. I love all the girly frilly stuff too… so I am glad I have 3 girls. Oh the tutus, and bows, and pink!

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