Canyon Lake

It’s summer!

And since it’s summer we went to the lake!

The water was chilly at first but all three kids went right in!

Once we got used to the water it was a perfect family activity.

Payson enjoyed walking around on the shore and then later floating around in his baby float boat.

Brooklyn was really excited about having her very own goggles this time.

And for the first time ever Sierra was swimming around all by herself with her floaties!
(She LOVES her hair like this.. calls it “crown hair”)

Payson kept coming across little pieces of bark and grass and telling me, “uuuuck, cahcah!”

Allan was the only one who went under the water and really swam.

And it looks like Brooklyn went under because of her wet hair and goggles, but nope.

Sierra eventually decided she wanted to get dried off.
And shortly after everyone else got out.

And to really warm up cuddling with mommy and daddy is the best.

Payson stood watching the boats for quite a while.

Right after this I went to change his pants and diaper (I’d forgotten a swim diaper)

And I realized after I took his sopping wet diaper off that the clean diaper I’d brought was back in the car in the parking lot.
So Payson got to thoroughly air out while Allan went to get it.

I tried to hold him wrapped up in a towel but he threw a major fit. There weren’t any other people nearby that could see him so nude it was. Allan was only gone a minute anyway.

And then we went home!

6 thoughts on “Canyon Lake

  • I remember going there when I was younger. Ahh summer… it's too hot so we must get wet. I can't believe it's triple digit time already…

  • What a fun outing. The kids look so happy. We promised our kids we would take them to our nearby waterpark this summer and every time we drive past it they freak out. Love the pics of Payson in his little floatie. We used to have one that we paid $30 for when my oldest was 8 months old. It lasted through all 3 kids and was the coolest little thing.

  • Your posts about summer make me long for my return to AZ.

    I had to turn my heat on this morning! In May!

    Swimming in the warm AZ sun sounds so lovely today! Thanks for sharing.

  • looks like so much fun. i even got to copy about 7 of them before it “caught” me and put up your copyright! what site is it i am supposed to go see them at? I forgot, oops! Hugs and kisses, Mom

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