Ever since I started photographing the kids at mealtimes months and months ago, Brooklyn begs me to take pictures of her food every day.

Actually, she’s starting to beg me to photograph everything lately! Lucky me, huh?

So here are just some of the foods we eat in the summer. Mostly grilled sandwiches and fresh produce. I LOVE SUMMER EATING!




Caesar Salad, Grilled Cheese, and Tomato Soup (my favorite lunch!)

Dinner and Dessert (only one of each because I rarely remember to photograph meals after lunchtime!)

4 thoughts on “Yummies

  • You are such an over-achiever! LOL (I mean that in a good way)
    I could give you a really basic run-down of our breakfasts and lunches every.single.day
    Breakfast: cereal or waffle
    Lunch: turkey and cheese or PB&J sandwich

    Yep…I lack the imagination necessary to serve different meals every day!! ;c) I wish I could send my kids to your house for meals!

  • I love your food posts, they always give me such good ideas. What kinds of dips do you serve with your fruits/veggies? And what's in your stuffed tomatoes?

  • Yummy! We eat a lot of the same foods. My produce bill is insane all year round, I must make 3-4 trips to the store during the week for produce alone! The Farmer's Markets will be starting soon and that's when we know its officially summer!

    Have you tried the Kirkland Organic Tortilla chips from Costco? They are seriously the best tortilla chips I've ever had and I'm an admitted tortilla chip snob, lol. I also love homemade guacamole! My kids love it b/c it gives them “dragon breath”. 🙂

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