The Snack in Between Snacks

Sometimes I feel like investing in earplugs. My kids are so freaking loud. Screaming constantly. Happy screams, whiny screams, tantrum screams, excited screams. Why does everything have to be a scream?!

Just one of the many things they scream about is being “Huuuuuuungrrrrrry! Soooooo huuuuuuuungrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy!”
My gosh you guys have seen what and how often they eat. Do these children have holes in their stomachs?? They eat more than me!! Not joking! And I have fat gathering in rolls on every surface of my body and they have not one. So not fair!

So, between mealtime and snacktime we have mini snacktimes where I’ll toss something at them and hope for the love of all that is holy that they shut up for five seconds.

My favorite thing? Real-fruit fruit rollups. So super cheap purchased at my beloved Costco.

4 thoughts on “The Snack in Between Snacks

  • I thought for sure my kids were the only ones like that! One of my girls, Maddie, can eat ALL day. At almost 6, she weighs 30 lbs. I swear to all that's holy, she eats more than my husband does!!!

  • My kids are super loud too! We have all tile in the downstairs and I think that is the problem, everything echos!

    I'm already worried about summer vacation and if the baby will ever get a nap b/c they are constantly waking her up w/ their loudness. She holds her own when she is awake though too!

  • My kids are the same way. In fact after my mom went home frpm watching them while I was at the hospital having Leah, she said she missed hearing “but I'm still hungry” cause that's what my kids say no matter how much/often they eat! lol

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