Summer Days Are Busy!

Arizona summer means being stuck inside most days. Perfect time to go a little heavier on the school work.

8:00-8:30: Breakfast
8:30-8:45: Circle Time
8:45-9:00: Poetry Memorization
9:00-9:30: Math
9:30-9:45: Spelling
9:45-10:00: Language
10:00-10:30: History & Geography
10:30-11:00: Snacktime
11:00-11:30: Arts & Crafts
11:30-12:00: Science
12:00-12:30: Reading
12:30-12:40: Music
12:40-1:00: Health
1:00-1:30: Lunch
1:30-2:30: Quiet time
2:30-3:30: Games
3:30-4:00: Snacktime
4:00-5:00: Chores, Get Ready for Daddy
5:00-5:30: Playtime
5:30-6:00: Dinner
6:00-6:30: Bath/Teeth
6:30-Bed: Scriptures, Stories, Quiet

Today was the first day following our new schedule and already there are a few things I need to tweak but the general plan is really good.

The day always starts with breakfast, of course.
I think my ears actually bled this morning thanks to Payson’s screaming.
And do you notice his mouth has food in it?!?! He insists on being in his chair before food is ready and to try to avoid the meltdowns I give him small snacks to hold him over (because it is SO HARD to wait ten minutes for food) but it doesn’t work, he still screams!

30 seconds after getting the full plate of breakfast he’s happy and making us laugh with his mad face.

Seriously, child, why do you torture me so?

After breakfast the girls head into the front room to play with pattern pieces while I clean up from breakfast.

Payson finishes off his yogurt. Mealtime isn’t complete until his hair and shirt have enjoyed breakfast with him.

I do the dishes.

And wipe the counters and put away the leftovers (leftovers, yay!)

Then clean the sticky boy up.

I get Payson dressed and send him to the formal dining room, where the kids’ toys are, to play.
I start a load of laundry.
I come in to find a 20 second mess by Payson that takes me 10 minutes to clean. (200 cards that I had to sort and I had just sorted them last night thanks to Payson! Darn his climbing on everything!)

While I’m organizing the cards Payson is lining up the pattern pieces and humming.

The girls and I start math. Place value with both girls.

Instead of calling out the numbers I’d call out place value (like “one ten and seven ones” instead of “17”.)

To help Sierra I also demonstrated the number with this chart that Allan’s mom passed down to me 🙂

Payson was finally not requiring attention at this point because he found one of his favorite toys. The stable from our Christmas nativity set. It plays music.

But I should’ve checked on him when he took it into the living room (out of sight) because I would have seen that he immediately abandoned it to get into more mischief. As it was I checked on him 3 or 4 minutes later to find him with a mouth full of gum, complete with wrappers.

At this point he got a bottle (rice milk) and diaper change and then nap. I LOVE nap!

Brooklyn and Sierra both did 8 lessons in All About Spelling. Brooklyn was getting upset that Sierra was joining in (she tends to be selfish) and near the end of our lesson when I told her to spell ship she wrote:

And on the way to her room for a timeout she tried to claim she didn’t know what it meant. Except when she came out of her room, without a word from me, she immediately erased the ‘t’ and wrote ‘p’. Hmm, didn’t know, huh?? (And by the way, I rarely curse! Maybe twice a year at most. I don’t know how she can possibly pick up on that!)

We finished spelling and moved on to science.
I didn’t take pictures but we started our mammal unit. Both girls, especially Brooklyn, refused to believe humans are animals and finally after reading all about it in one of their books Brooklyn said, “I know we are mammals, but I don’t want us to be!”

Then we had lunch.

And while the girls finished eating I went into my bedroom to get another load of laundry and this guy scared the crap out of me.
And now I really have to go because there is still so much more to be done!

8 thoughts on “Summer Days Are Busy!

  • I say it every time, but I love when people do day in the life sort of posts. I still need to do that someday. You do a great job with your homeschooling.

    And I'm going to be thinking about that spider for the next few hours now, thanks!

  • I am always inspired to do a day in the life post but never get around to it. And I have to ask you….where did you get those totally awesome flower canisters on your kitchen counter? I must get my hands on some. 🙂

  • Brooklyn's spelling just made me laugh our loud! Thank you for sharing! As a kindergarten teacher I can't help but laugh when kids unknowingly spell a curse word…or maybe it isn't so accidental after all. 🙂

  • Thank you Brooklyn for giving me a much needed laugh tonight!!! LOL. I know it isn't funny to laugh at that, but I couldn't help it! It totally took me off guard and I absolutely cracked up!!

    I have NO idea how you do everything that you do AND blog about it! It amazes me! I love these “a day in the life” posts you do! You are super Mom! Super Pregnant Mom! That makes it even MORE amazing to me that you are even functioning every day with 3 kids and being pregnant…let alone all the things you accomplish every day! wow! Seriously, I need to up my game!

  • hahaha
    love the spelling lesson..
    we have stories like that 🙂
    I so love your blog and happy I found it again. I am trying to get back to mine…
    Your photography is improving more and more!!!
    I wish I could get my 4 yo boy involved more like that but he is so different than my girls!

  • Liking the Liberty of London stuff in the kitchen! EVERYONE is crazy for it right now, my little sister is so jealous b/c they are living overseas and she can't get it even from

  • Your schedule looks great!! Makes me want to create a schedule. I'm not homeschooling anymore, but I will need my girls on a schedule for the summer. You are quite the super-mommy to be preggo, homeschooling and to be so organized. 🙂

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