Oh Wow That’s Good!

Snacktime today was a bunch of fruit.

I made some dips to go with our fruit assortment. The dips turned out SOOOOO good!!
The one on the right was made with yogurt, strawberry preserves, sour cream and agave nectar.
The two on the left were made with a heaping spoonful of peanut butter, two heaping spoonfuls of nutella, 8 ounces of cream cheese, a splash of milk and a squirt of honey. (And by heaping spoonfuls I mean as heaping as you can possibly get. lol)

Both dips were a huge hit. SO GOOD.

With the very welcomed low summer produce prices we’ve been eating SO MUCH produce these days. We always eat a lot of fruits and vegetables but with everything so much cheaper our cart is filled up with them! I love it 🙂

When asked to point out their favorite fruit.

2 thoughts on “Oh Wow That’s Good!

  • I want you to know that you have really motivated me to get more fresh produce into my kids' diet! I mean, I always tried to make sure they had at least some sort of fruit or veggie with each meal (lunch and dinner), but now I shoot for more than 1 and with EVERY meal (bfast and snacks included). I just send my husband to the store last night with a grocery list filled with produce! This post and pics makes me even more excited about it! lol

  • hey tif! mine are th esameones as the kids 'cept add kiwi & strawberries (in season) to that list!! those are typical wa. faves up here!

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