If I don’t give Payson food the second he asks for it:

Such an impatient little bum. It took me about 3 minutes to get him his lunch.

But he is so awfully cute.

And oddly extremely thankful when he does get his food.
“Dane do!” (thank you)

3 thoughts on “Food.Now

  • I'm sitting here in awe, staring at Payson's plate of food. Why oh why won't Cayden eat anything but the same three things over and over and over? I pray for him to overcome this pickiness all the time. I offer him everything under the sun every meal, every day, and nothing. I've never had a kid this picky and I worry about his health. Just Wow…very impressed (and envious) right now with Payson.

  • When did you first give him raw veggies (like carrots)? I haven't tried any with Graham yet. I'm guessing Payson does well with them? I'm trying to decide when would be a good time to try them with Graham.

  • Gah, Toby is the same way. Screamer. Such impatient little turds. I have a hard time with it some days, some days I can ignore it. Today was a bad day. Grr.

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