Crappy Pictures I Love

I took these snaps today with my poor, dying kit lens.
(Kit lens is basically the cheapest, crappiest lens you can possibly get.)
It sucks when it’s brand new, it sucks even more when it’s dying. lol

I showered and went straight to bed last night. I didn’t run a brush through my hair or anything and this is what I get. Crazy hair. I think my hair was meant for the 80s.

Sierra and Payson were playing in Sierra’s room while Brooklyn was on a timeout.

They play so well together. But it rarely happens because Sierra spends most of her time playing with Brooklyn.

I took some of me and Sierra together.

And for the first time I let Sierra use my big camera. This is the picture she took:

6 thoughts on “Crappy Pictures I Love

  • My hair looks almost the same if I do nothing to it. Didn't you say one time you have some mediattrian descent in you or am I nuts…seems like all us lot have wavy thick hair 🙂

    Looks very pretty, you always have the best eye make up we really need a tutortial!

    No way in heck Houston would touch my camera, you are on brave mama!

  • I actually think your hair looks really pretty like that! I'd love it if my hair had any body/waves whatsoever. But I'm sure, the grass is always greener… I am so excited because I think I've finally talked my husband into letting me get a new lens for my Nikon for Mother's Day. Any suggestions?? Also, I find too that Erica and Graham play really well together, but like you said, it doesn't happen all that often because she's usually playing with Natalie. Graham is getting to where he really enjoys playing with the girls more often now! And Sierra did a great job with that shot!

  • Hi Ariana, I follow your blog regularly and enjoy the pics of your sweet kids. I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased the cute ABC t-shirts the girls are wearing? Thanks, Debbie Stahl (

  • hey gorgeous!! you must get that self-deprecation from me. yur hair is really, really beautiful tiffany! i love it like that. i just cut mine really short and sassy but now i see you and i think, dangnabbit!! sierra may be following in momma's footsteps! the kids are so cute. can brooklyn come out of timeout so i can see her in a picture? love & miss you so so much!

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