Random of the Kids and Belly

I love looking at other women’s pregnant bellies. I love looking back at my own pregnancy pictures. Pictures I took grudgingly and hated at the time, I treasure now.

And so despite not wanting to and having an extremely difficult time getting pictures in focus, I’ve been taking a LOT of belly pictures this time around. I post them occasionally, of course, but the majority are just stored on my hard drive for me to look back on after the baby comes.

In the past I’d never share a picture like this one:
Because I don’t like sharing my bare belly. But there it is anyway.

Any long time readers remember this one of my pregnancy with Payson?
My gosh I was big, wasn’t I? Payson was 9 1/2 pounds when he was born, though!

I loved that one and all the silhouette pictures I took when pregnant with him so much that I decided to start doing those this time, too.

And here’s one I usually wouldn’t share but is so how 98% of my pictures of myself turn out. This one was snapped just to check the exposure. I think I look mad. ha

Before all the belly shots I’d taken these random ones of the kids spinning on our office chair yet again. I have over a hundred pictures of the kids spinning on our office chair from the past 3 years. Today I grabbed the camera specifically because Payson was giving me all kinds of silly faces as they spun.

In my head I was saying, “Ariana, really, more office chair pictures?”
But how was I to resist this face?:

And I love this one because it is sooo Payson. He does this all the time, screams to get down or off or stop doing whatever it is we’re doing and when we put him down or stop he screams even louder. Crazy kid.
Sorry things are boring around here lately. I’ve been sick and anemic and very tired.

Visiting a New Park

We had a cold front come through this week. Today it was only 88 outside when we left the house.
With this cool-enough-to-leave-the-house weather I decided to take the kids to the park.
They all had a lot of fun. This might be our new favorite park to go to.

Something kinda funny that happened while we were there is this adorable little girl kept coming over to Payson to try to play. Payson is usually a total social butterfly and saying hi and babbling away to other kids. He loves to hold their hand and give them hugs, too.
But today he was completely anti-social with this poor girl. She was the sweetest thing and he was completely ignoring her or giving her dirty looks!
It was a little bit funny (except the poor girl) because it’s SO unlike him!

The girls’ intense expressions are because they were trying to see the bird that was making all the crazy-loud, monkey-like noises over in the trees.

This balance beam was really wobbly so Brooklyn felt super proud when she made it across.

Later on Brooklyn took some pictures of me.

And my 21 week belly.

We were all hot and getting sweaty at this point so we hung out under some pretty big (for AZ) trees to cool off.

Here Payson was watching with great interest as Brooklyn pulled some leaves off the tree. The kid loves trees and just typing that I realized it might be because he rarely sees them! lol

Near the very end of our trip Payson’s shoe came off in the sticky mud.

He tried unsuccessfully to put it back on.

It’s hard to put a shoe on when you’re trying to avoid getting your hands dirty.

He finally gave up and brought his shoe to me for help 🙂
We left right after that. It was 90 degrees by then and that’s just too hot for this pregnant mama.

You’re a Horrible Mother if You Spoon Feed Your Child

says Payson.
I’d say 99.999% of the time I let Payson feed himself. Today I was giving him leftover chili and normally I don’t mind that he gets his chili all over when he eats because I just plop him in the bath after. But I’d just given him a bath and didn’t feel like giving him another and didn’t feel like making him something else to eat.

So spoon feed him was the best solution. Except he starting screaming and telling me, “No! Don’t!” each time I brought the spoon towards his mouth.

I asked him, “Oh Payson are you so mad?!”
Which made him crack a smile.

But then the spoon comes towards him again and he’s back to crying.
I understand, Payson. I would hate to be spoon fed, too. But really I just don’t want to deal with the mess tonight and I’m more stubborn than you.

I gave him a bite while he was whining with an open mouth. He angrily spit it out onto his tray but being hungry and seeing his favorite food right in front of him, he immediately grabbed it and shoved it in his mouth. While crying, of course.

And then since he’d already accepted part of the forbidden food he figured he might as well allow himself to be spoon fed.

But then mean old mommy had to pick up the camera again. That made him mad!
And so I finished feeding him without another picture.

But do you want to know the cool thing about spoon feeding an unwilling child? When you hand the child a banana, which they previously refused to eat, and let them hold it themselves…

That banana is the best dang thing in the world!

Two points for mommy. Clean child after dinner = quick bedtime. Banana after main course = very full belly.

Payson kept biting into the peel. Probably because he was getting so much attention and thought that would make us laugh.

Which it did:

Bartlett Lake

We went to Bartlett Lake with Allan’s parents on Saturday. I think I’d be a totally happy going to the lake once a week 🙂

Every time we go to Bartlett lake we get “attacked” by the bluegills. They were nipping at our legs and toes within seconds of getting in the water.

When we had lunch the girls decided to feed the bluegill little bits of their hotdog buns.
The bluegill got a lot more aggresive after that! They were doing some pretty good bites at my toes! Freaked me the heck out.

They were all over Payson, too. Luckily he had water socks so his toes were safe 😉

Allan’s dad found this crawdad near the shore.

The kids were really intrigued.

Grandpa and grandma brought all sorts of yummy treats to the lake. The girls’ favorite were chocolate chip and m&m cookies. Sierra got a big glob of chocolate on her nose which I thought was so cute.

Payson used the cooler as a drum.

And thought he was so clever.

Then it was time for wakeboarding!

The water was super choppy from the wind.

We all loved watching Allan out there. Sierra called it, “lakeboarding.”

We went back to the shore and the girls swam for a little bit longer.

While Payson played on the boat with some trucks that grandpa and grandma brought for him.

On the way back to the parking lot Allan’s dad let Brooklyn drive for a bit.

And she looked so darn cute!

Allan’s mom, the kids, and I waited in the shade while Allan and his dad loaded up the car and wiped down the boat.

And then it was goodbye lake; thanks for the great time.

Oh Baby

Thanks for all the congrats, guys. I initially wanted to wait until the birth to find out the gender but knowing right now and being able to plan and call baby by name is so much fun.

Up until the ultrasound Brooklyn had been really hoping for a girl and Sierra wanted a boy so that “Payson could get a brother,” awwww. But when finding out it was a sister she was thrilled.

And Brooklyn, Brooklyn could barely contain her excitement. The only thing that got her mind off it was the lollipop she got. ha

Payson is oblivious to the fact that there is a baby coming. I don’t know if he’ll even grasp the idea before she’s born! What a shock it’ll be to him in October!

I did keep the tags on all of those clothes and the receipts were tucked away safely in my purse. I just couldn’t pass up the sales!! We had only three baby girl outfits so we were (are) definitely needing to build up a wardrobe. (Fun!)

We do have some girl names picked out. We’ve been calling the baby Ember for quite some time but I’m not entirely sure we’ll use it!

My current favorite names are:
Anya (this one is in the top two right now)
Adelaide (my favorite but not Allan’s)
Jeena (after my sister)

Some others I like but we probably won’t use:
Briana (Allan’s favorite, but I don’t like it because it’s similar sounding to Ariana)

But more than likely it’ll be Ember Anya. That’s what she’s been called for four months 😉

My Favorite – Math!

My favorite subject in school was always math. I love it!

Today the girls practiced place value along with learning all about money. I was surprised by how easy it was to teach money and how fast both of them caught on.

Payson likes to come over and look at what the girls are working on and try to steal their stuff.

Sierra’s doing a lot of addition practice these days. Today we made a girl (who Brooklyn named Kaitlyn) and fed her Reeses Pieces (yum!)

Then we moved on to the girls’ current favorite counters:

They could both play with these counters for hours.
Sierra’s working on memorizing her 1 and 2 addition facts. Not that I think she’s ready but since Brooklyn has done it she wants to.

She and Brooklyn also do a lot of word problems. They LOVE word problems. They ask me to tell them more about the characters involved every time. So funny.