Quite a Day of Not Much

First of all to Hooptee: thanks for pointing that out in the brown-toned black and white conversion tutorial. I fixed that image. It is the bottom arrow, not the top one. So weird of me.
Anyway, your entire picture will turn orange and when it does you then click a deep brown color in the bottom-right part of the color box (there is an arrow on that image showing exactly where.) Hope that helps!

We hit Costco this afternoon. Payson kept hugging Sierra in the cart. Sierra in turn would lay on Payson, causing him to scream. Sierra is obsessed with annoying Payson. She does it all day long. Sometimes I think she’s just trying to love on him, but then again, sometimes I think all she’s trying to do is get him to yell.

Either way Payson adores Sierra. He calls out, “Seesie!!! Seeeeeesie!!” all day long if she’s in another room.
To be fair to Brooklyn when she grows up I try not to post much about her bad behavior.
That said, my gosh that girl was a moody snot today! I won’t give specifics (though I’m dying to, ha) but she was so ornery!!

I purchased the cartoon Alice in Wonderland as a surprise for the girls but with how she was acting I told her Sierra was going to watch it after she was in bed.

Later on in the day I gave her a list of extra chores she could do to make up for the pissy behavior and get to watch the movie.

She perked up and did her chores without whining too much (of course that took me telling her that if she whined or complained even once during chores she wasn’t watching it) and she and Sierra are watching the movie now.
I’ve been asked in a few posts about where I got the girls’ clothes. I bought all of their summer clothes at Costco!

4 Months Along

There was no way Allan could stay home from work this morning. That means all three kids got to come with me to the OBGYN.

I packed rice krispy treats and real-fruit rollups for the kids to keep them busy (read: to keep their mouths full so they wouldn’t be making noise) but that didn’t work.
They talked and fought with each other about every little thing.

And Payson cried the entire time.
It was all rather torturous. (I snapped the following picture and he looks like he’s happy but he was whining for the girls’ food; he’s a selfish little guy.)

I snapped this shot of my belly in the mirror when I got home. I didn’t bother tidying up and I had already changed into a pajama shirt.
I thought’d be fun to show what I looked like at 4 months along with Sierra and Payson.

Sierra (2005):

Payson (2008):
I only have a couple crappy pictures of me when I was pregnant with Brooklyn and none of them are from the earlier days of pregnancy. I didn’t take self portraits back then. I wish I would have!


My house is very quiet. Allan, Brooklyn, and Payson are nestled in their beds. Sierra is sound asleep on the floor behind me.
Sierra’s vomiting started at 1am.

I woke to the sound of her crying and screaming from her room. When I walked in she said, “I’m wet.”
I ushered her towards the bathroom to get cleaned up. She threw up on the way. Luckily on the tile and not the carpet.

She sat in a warm bath while I cleaned her bed and started a load of laundry.

I wrapped her in a big towel and set her on the futon. I brought out a garbage can and we sat and talked.

I was surprised she got sick so long after Brooklyn’s symptoms had passed (5 days) and at how she hadn’t complained of a stomach ache at all whereas Brooklyn had complained all day of a stomach ache the day before the night she got sick.

I asked her, “Did your stomach hurt at all today?” She answered, “No, but now I feel hungry.” And without warning or pause threw up all over herself and the futon.

She threw up a few more times during the next couple hours (in the garbage thankfully). In between we just sat on the floor and talked.

While cleaning up all that vomit I felt extremely sick. So sick I was positive I had it too, and it was a matter of time before I started throwing up.

My stomach ached.

Around 3am I laid out a blanket for Sierra to get some sleep. Shortly after I realized that I wasn’t sick. I was starving!

I made myself a peanut butter and honey sandwich and have been eating it while blogging.
Remember how when Brooklyn got sick it was the night before my OBGYN appointment and I had to cancel the next morning?

Guess where I’m supposed to go tomorrow morning. Yep, my rescheduled OBGYN appointment! I have no idea what I’m going to do. Allan is busy at work this month and really can’t take a day off to stay home with the kids but I may just ask him anyway.

I just hate to cancel two appointments in a row so last minute like that!

This Moment

A bowl full of watermelon slices shared under the shade of a tall tree.

This moment is smiling, talking, laughing, enjoying.

This moment made up of juice running down chins, sun shining on hair, grass tickling legs, breeze cooling sweated brow, happiness filling every pore.

This moment spent with family.

This moment filled with wishing and the full belief that those wishes will come true.

This moment is loving life.

Sorry We’re Not Home Right Now

Errands. So very many. Pack them all in before summer really hits us.
Though at 92 degrees today it sure felt like a full-blown summer to me!!

I’ve been looking at Mei Tai carriers online lately. They look easy to put on (crucial). The only problem is I don’t want to spend a lot of money and they aren’t cheap.

I spotted this carrier at Target for $40. It’s a similar style in a brand I’ve heard nothing but bad things about (infantino or something).
That caused me to hesitate on purchasing it, but what the heck, I can always return it if it’s terrible.
I wore Payson around the library for 20 or 30 minutes and didn’t have back pain.
So yay, new carrier for probably half the price I would have spent for the better brand.

Payson is still adamant about elephant and binky coming everywhere with us.
The great thing is, he is a much happier boy with those two along; I can shop in a store for a good 30-45 minutes without him throwing a major fit!

Barefoot in the Desert

This week, despite trying to be ok with it, the realization that summer is almost here had thrown me into a bit of a depression.

Until Allan told me that our backyard landscaping has been scheduled and will be done within a month! Thank goodness for that. I don’t think I could survive an Arizona summer without a backyard to set up a sprinkler or baby pool in.

Yes I could use the porch but that pales in comparison to lovely, soft, green grass!

The dates the landscapers are coming are marked on my calendar with circles and exclamation marks.

Today I was getting extremely moody stuck inside. I thought a few times of taking the kids to the park but honestly I’m sick of the parks around here. The neighborhood park is my least favorite of all and the library park (my personal favorite) is at least a fifteen mile drive.

So instead we puttered around our driveway. Just getting outside into the sun was enough. We didn’t need toys or chalk or bubbles. Just walking around and chatting.

Both girls resisted wearing shoes out of sheer laziness. And out of my own sheer laziness I didn’t bother insisting that they put them on. And since I thought we’d stay on the driveway I didn’t bother with Payson’s shoes, either.

Right before heading into the house the kids were tempted by the wildflowers and cautiously made their way into the desert.

And Payson, not only never to be outdone by his sisters, but always eager to and naturally able to surpass them (physically), tramped through the desert without a flinch or complaint.

Without a complaint, unlike his sister here with him. Who complained the entire time. I told her to get her shoes but she couldn’t open our door by herself.
Though really she barely tried.

Even so, within a couple minutes of entering the desert we headed back home to give poor Sierra’s feet a break.

And as boring as it is, that was the most thrilling part of our day!

In case you’re wondering, the path we were walking on in the desert is totally free of cactus and prickers. It’s a gravel-dirt covered walking trail. Any sensitivies Sierra was having were from the little pebbles and sturdier weeds growing along the trail.

Mostly the weeds, really. Some were so thick and strong they poked my feet. Though I hardly would have noticed if it wasn’t for Sierra’s constant reminding 😉

A Great Smile Makes All the Difference

or at least that’s what the wall at my new dentist’s office tells me.

Hmm, it does?
So if I get my teeth straightened and whitened and looking like I’m ready for the big screen my children will stop making messes, I’ll be able to afford a cook and Payson will stop being a whiny butt?! Why did nobody tell me this before??

I broke a molar on Saturday so this morning I got to go to my least favorite place on Earth… the dentist.

Anyone remember my dentist trauma last year? If not, I went to a new dentist a few minutes from my house. He was horrible. I had a crown put in and it hurt for months. It still hurts now, actually!
So I was putting off getting the needed work done until after my pregnancy but when my molar broke it became a need to fix right now situation.

I went in today expecting do get a crown. I wasn’t expecting a root canal but that’s what I got.
Yay me. An extra special dental procedure!