This Isn’t Fun!

A few years ago this statement (made very often by Brooklyn) would’ve bothered me. I would have ignored it but inside I would’ve felt offended.
You see Brooklyn is a very difficult child to raise. Have I mentioned that?
I’m sure I have on many occasions. Especially when she was 3, 4, and 5.

One of the many difficult things to deal with as her parent is her hatred of change.
Her inadaptability.
Her need to adjust to the idea of an activity (no matter how fun) before she acknowledges that it is fun and she loves doing it.

I got the book, The Difficult Child, by recommendation on some site online over a year ago.

The book perfectly describes Brooklyn and even more helpful it isn’t a book on how to fix your child. It’s a book on how to raise a normal child who happens to have some personality traits that are hard for parents to deal with.
I love that about this book. There is nothing wrong with Brooklyn, she just has a different temperment than I do.

It helps knowing why she does what she does.

If I bring up an activity she will only like it if it isn’t replacing another option she’s been thinking about.

For instance this week she wanted to play with chalk and no matter what else I offer she would shout out, “I hate that! That isn’t fun!” (She had a fever this week and it was friggin’ hot outside!)

But then using all kinds of craft supplies to make a paper bag puppet kept her busy for over an hour and she said during, “I LOVE this! I LOVE this so much I’m going to cry!! Can I make more??”

She had a total and complete blast! And thanks to the book her initial outburst when I suggested the activity, “This isn’t fun!!” didn’t phase me at all.

~~I also know that when she tells me after a really fun activity that she, “didn’t have fun” or that she, “hated that” or that she, “never wanted to do that” that she really means:
“I loved that and am upset that it’s over.”

She does love things we do, an awful lot, so much so that she doesn’t want them to end and impulsively expresses that with hatred of the activity when she means to express hatred of the end of that activity.

4 thoughts on “This Isn’t Fun!

  • That can be confusing at times I would guess. So how do you know when she really does hate doing something?

  • Chris,
    It's easy to tell when she really doesn't like something because her bad mood will never change even after we start whatever it is.
    When she's just being stubborn she'll be happy as a clam 10 seconds into the activity!

    And she really does like everything we do together. She is easy to please once she's participating, she just doesn't like the transition unless she's been prepared for it.

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