Even though he’s the ultimate stinker, he’s my buddy.

Tonight after bathtime we made some silly faces in the mirror. I’m positive these are the ugliest pictures of me ever but I’m posting them anyway because Payson is so darn hilarious in them.

Me and baby boy got the stomach flu on Wednesday night. I got it so much worse than any of the kids. It was pretty darn awful. I’m glad I didn’t post about it when it was happening because I’m sure I would have gone on for paragraphs and paragraphs about the amount of vomiting and the extreme stomach pain and all the screaming Payson was doing and the awful way I could barely stay awake and yet couldn’t sleep and yet the miraculous way Allan stayed up and helped me with Payson and actually put Payson in a good mood.

Yeah, I would have gone on and on about it and it’s all summed up perfectly in that short paragraph!

Anyway, that was Wednesday and I’m barely recovering. I still feel so weak despite napping when Payson naps… but Allan’s been home since it’s the weekend and he’s been doing almost all (probably all, actually) of the child care. I’ve been sitting on the couch or sleeping on the couch!

Oh, hey, I just remembered I should add these pictures of Payson from tonight. He got a hair cut.

When asked to make a mad face:
I realize this post is super scattered. Sorry, I’m just a bit tired!

5 thoughts on “Buddies

  • I TOTALLY do the same thing with my son Lukas! Every since he was young enough to do so, I would take him out of the tub, wrap him up in a towel and we would make faces in the mirror. Still at 4.5 years old, he still will ask to “Make Faces”. This really made me smile seeing another mom do the same thing with her son. 🙂

  • Stomache bugs when you're pregnant are the absolute WORST!!! We all got a round of it just before Christmas, when I was about 7 mos pg with Leah. And like you, I got it worse than anyone else did. I am so glad it's over for you and I hope you get your energy back soon!!!

  • Cute photos 🙂 You both are adorable. Great memories!

    I think bring pregnant can really wipe you out when you get sick. This last time around I ended up in the ER twice – once with the flu as I was so dehydrated it was awful! And, then with H1N1… again so stinking dehydrated.

    So, my point is take care of yourself and DRINK as much as you can! Hoping you recover quick and are in for nothing but good health from here out!

  • I love these pictures. He is so cute! I think our boys' personalities are quite similar. I sent you an invite to my blog. Don't know if you really care, haha..but figured it was only fair since I read yours. Hope you are all feeling better!

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