Phoenix Zoo Trip

I’ve been planning a zoo trip for the kids for a couple of weeks.
I’ve kept my eye on for a nice 60 or 70 degree day to go. We’re going to start an animal unit (mammal unit) for homeschool soon and what better way to kick it off than to go see some animals?

We bought a carousel pass when we bought our tickets. I really love the carousel, I wish I could sit on one of the animals and ride!

Standing next to my kids with their huge smiles is fun, too 🙂

After the carousel we went straight over to the giraffes. Sierra had requested seeing the giraffes and the zebras more than anything.

This might be the only picture of Payson from the zoo. I let him walk around for half an hour with us but around 20 minutes into that he stopped staying near me and starting sprinting off. It was busy so after I took this picture he got strapped into the new wrap I bought and stayed there (very happily) for the next 2 hours.

The girls were looking at komodo dragons here.

We headed over to the children’s area after a while. It was so pretty over there.

Sierra really wanted to get a turn to sit on the alligator. After some other kids left she went and sat right on its head. lol

Near the bird cages there were these pretty flowers. The girls spent some time smelling the flowers.

Reflection in the gift shop window as we left the zoo.

Brooklyn fell twice during our zoo visit. The first time she was running full speed down a hill and fell at the end. Her knees got a bit scraped but nothing too drastic.

The second time she was walking along the curb and tripped and her left knee hit the curb as she came down. It was a really nasty scrape. I washed it out with some water and tissues and a nice gentlemen stopped and gave us these bandaids.

I obviously didn’t take picures during all that but this was 15 minutes later, the blood had dripped all down her leg into her shoes. It looked pretty awful in the midst of it all.

I bought Payson a new elephant at the gift shop. I wanted something smaller for him to bring on shorter errands. He loves it. Of course not even close to as much as his elephant, but it’s a good filler.

On the way home we stopped at Pizza Hut since the girls were “starving!”

I didn’t feel so hot so I barely picked at mine. The girls didn’t like this pizza as much as Barro’s so they only ate half a slice each, too.
Which was fine because that means lots of leftovers.

Payson had a gluten-free granola bar. He also had a wedge fry.

So about those leftovers…
I guess I was more tired than I even knew. I’ve never left something on the top of the car like that in my life. I guess there’s a first time for everything.

11 thoughts on “Phoenix Zoo Trip

  • Those are great pictures. The colors are so beautiful! I like their skirts. Abby wants one, she wanted me to let you know. I can't believe Payson will still sit in a wrap for you. Cayden wants me to hold and carry him ALL the time, but he won't let me strap him to me because he thinks thats taking away his options or something. Looks like a great outing. I'm sure they loved it. You're always so brave to take all three to things like this. I'm chicken I guess and always wait till Tim can help me. I think it's great you just do it.

  • oh tiffany! what a crazy, fun, interesting day! i totally want to visit the zoo now!! i love you!! the kids and you look so great! i love their skirts, so colorful and bright!

  • I love seeing the outings that you take your kids on! I haven't been on a fun trip with my kids anywhere in months. I finally got “too pregnant” to do it, and haven't had the energy to attempt anything with all 4 since Leah has been born. Not that I'm wishing away her infancy, but I can't wait til she's older and we can get back to doing more things like this. Until then, I will live vicariously through you!

  • Is it just me or does that one picture where they're standing by that little pond look like there's an alligator under the water (just the snout & part of the head). Looks a bit creepy!

  • I'm sorry. But I laughed at the pizza on the road.

    I did that once with my diaper bag. All these people were pointing and laughing at me and it had been a really bad trip to the store (as in I left the cart and loaded two screaming kids in the car to rush home). I finally stopped to see what was wrong with my car. It was still there. 🙂

  • Looks like a GREAT day!!! 🙂 We love our zoo – a membership we actually keep going for our family as we use it so much.

    Bummer about your leftovers 🙁 Usually I just leave them on the table by accident or in the car… to long to be any good.

  • What a fun trip. I love the girls skirts. SO cute. Dont worry too much about the pizza. One time I left my purse on top of the car and did not know it. Later that day a neighbor found it on the side of the road with all my money missing. I felt like the biggest idiot ever.

  • Oh gosh, TOO FUNNY about the leftover pizza! I laughed out loud at the picture and the caption. I've done that before several times…with drinks, my cell phone, kids' jackets, you name it.

  • I love all the pictures! The girls look adorable in their skirts! Brooklyn is ready for a zoo trip. And bless you for taking them by yourself. I'm sure it's just something that you do but it really is an amazing feat!!

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