Quite a Day of Not Much

First of all to Hooptee: thanks for pointing that out in the brown-toned black and white conversion tutorial. I fixed that image. It is the bottom arrow, not the top one. So weird of me.
Anyway, your entire picture will turn orange and when it does you then click a deep brown color in the bottom-right part of the color box (there is an arrow on that image showing exactly where.) Hope that helps!

We hit Costco this afternoon. Payson kept hugging Sierra in the cart. Sierra in turn would lay on Payson, causing him to scream. Sierra is obsessed with annoying Payson. She does it all day long. Sometimes I think she’s just trying to love on him, but then again, sometimes I think all she’s trying to do is get him to yell.

Either way Payson adores Sierra. He calls out, “Seesie!!! Seeeeeesie!!” all day long if she’s in another room.
To be fair to Brooklyn when she grows up I try not to post much about her bad behavior.
That said, my gosh that girl was a moody snot today! I won’t give specifics (though I’m dying to, ha) but she was so ornery!!

I purchased the cartoon Alice in Wonderland as a surprise for the girls but with how she was acting I told her Sierra was going to watch it after she was in bed.

Later on in the day I gave her a list of extra chores she could do to make up for the pissy behavior and get to watch the movie.

She perked up and did her chores without whining too much (of course that took me telling her that if she whined or complained even once during chores she wasn’t watching it) and she and Sierra are watching the movie now.
I’ve been asked in a few posts about where I got the girls’ clothes. I bought all of their summer clothes at Costco!

3 thoughts on “Quite a Day of Not Much

  • As mentioned before… my daughter has that outfit too! LOL My brother in law who is her Godfather went to Costco the other day. Haha!

    I love Alice in Wonderland… that's the theme I want to do my daughter's 5th birthday in July and I decided this after her 4th birthday… long before the new movie came out. And now I am not sure if I still want to do it seeing as the movie just came out. I was trying to be original. LOL

  • My almost 5 year old is also a little spit fire and we are really going through a rough phase of back talking and being a little snot. It breaks my heart because I know we have not taught her that 🙁 Oh well… I am hoping that this too shall pass!

    I love your kiddo's clothing too! Our Costco does not carry the same clothes yours does though. Bummer! Love how the girls are matched up lately!

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