4 Months Along

There was no way Allan could stay home from work this morning. That means all three kids got to come with me to the OBGYN.

I packed rice krispy treats and real-fruit rollups for the kids to keep them busy (read: to keep their mouths full so they wouldn’t be making noise) but that didn’t work.
They talked and fought with each other about every little thing.

And Payson cried the entire time.
It was all rather torturous. (I snapped the following picture and he looks like he’s happy but he was whining for the girls’ food; he’s a selfish little guy.)

I snapped this shot of my belly in the mirror when I got home. I didn’t bother tidying up and I had already changed into a pajama shirt.
I thought’d be fun to show what I looked like at 4 months along with Sierra and Payson.

Sierra (2005):

Payson (2008):
I only have a couple crappy pictures of me when I was pregnant with Brooklyn and none of them are from the earlier days of pregnancy. I didn’t take self portraits back then. I wish I would have!

6 thoughts on “4 Months Along

  • As awful as it was to have to take all the kids with you, at least you CAN take them. Kids under 12 (other than your newborn only at your 6wpp) are not allowed in the office at all at my last 2 OB's. It was such a pain for me to try to arrange care for each of my appts. Although, once that was taken care of, I guess it WAS a nice kid-free break for the morning/afternoon. You look GREAT! I feel like I could pass my current 2 month post baby belly off as a pg belly pic! lol

  • Unfortunately, that's how almost all of my doctor appointments go, too. Can't get anywhere without the kids in tow.
    You look adorable in your picture. I can't believe how different you look in the shot from 2004 (I'm guesstimating)…I don't mean this in a bad way at all, but you look like a little kid. I'm sure if I posted pics of my pregnant-with-Emmy self it would be even sillier, because I was only 20 and having my second, but you know what I mean. ;c)

  • You look adorable!!! πŸ™‚

    I thought it was a bummer to take one kiddo to my appointments the couple of times I had to – I cannot even imagine having to take three. Kudos to you woman!!! Hope the rest of your day was mellow and relaxing to some degree!

  • I'm sorry you had to drag them along, that's one of the pits of mommyhood huh?

    Looks like Sierra is feeling better though and that's good! πŸ™‚

    Hopefully she didn't share with Payson and you can be done with that!

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