My house is very quiet. Allan, Brooklyn, and Payson are nestled in their beds. Sierra is sound asleep on the floor behind me.
Sierra’s vomiting started at 1am.

I woke to the sound of her crying and screaming from her room. When I walked in she said, “I’m wet.”
I ushered her towards the bathroom to get cleaned up. She threw up on the way. Luckily on the tile and not the carpet.

She sat in a warm bath while I cleaned her bed and started a load of laundry.

I wrapped her in a big towel and set her on the futon. I brought out a garbage can and we sat and talked.

I was surprised she got sick so long after Brooklyn’s symptoms had passed (5 days) and at how she hadn’t complained of a stomach ache at all whereas Brooklyn had complained all day of a stomach ache the day before the night she got sick.

I asked her, “Did your stomach hurt at all today?” She answered, “No, but now I feel hungry.” And without warning or pause threw up all over herself and the futon.

She threw up a few more times during the next couple hours (in the garbage thankfully). In between we just sat on the floor and talked.

While cleaning up all that vomit I felt extremely sick. So sick I was positive I had it too, and it was a matter of time before I started throwing up.

My stomach ached.

Around 3am I laid out a blanket for Sierra to get some sleep. Shortly after I realized that I wasn’t sick. I was starving!

I made myself a peanut butter and honey sandwich and have been eating it while blogging.
Remember how when Brooklyn got sick it was the night before my OBGYN appointment and I had to cancel the next morning?

Guess where I’m supposed to go tomorrow morning. Yep, my rescheduled OBGYN appointment! I have no idea what I’m going to do. Allan is busy at work this month and really can’t take a day off to stay home with the kids but I may just ask him anyway.

I just hate to cancel two appointments in a row so last minute like that!

8 thoughts on “3:30am

  • Ugh, no fun at all. Hopefully your husband can stay home so you don't have to cancel again. Hope you don't get what your girls had.

  • We've got the same scene going on over here. Not fun! I used your idea of a garbage can, rather than a “sick bowl”. Why hadn't I ever thought of that? Hope you are all feeling better soon!!

  • You poor thing! Bless little Sierra's heart, I hate it when they throw up, I think its scary for kids b/c they can't control it at all.

    I've been know to schedule my appt.s during lunchtime so my husband can come sit with them at the Dr. or better yet, meet me at the park and I drop them off there and go to the Dr. across the street.

  • Oh man. May the bug not be passed around anymore. Hang in there!

    And, yes: I hate rescheduling things at the last minute too.


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