This Moment

A bowl full of watermelon slices shared under the shade of a tall tree.

This moment is smiling, talking, laughing, enjoying.

This moment made up of juice running down chins, sun shining on hair, grass tickling legs, breeze cooling sweated brow, happiness filling every pore.

This moment spent with family.

This moment filled with wishing and the full belief that those wishes will come true.

This moment is loving life.

6 thoughts on “This Moment

  • Looks like the children had a fun time eating their watermelon.

    I love the matching outfits on the girls the color looks very pretty on them.

  • Where have you been finding your girls' summer clothes lately? I've been trying to find simple, comfy, cute, everyday outfits and keep coming up empty-handed.

    Some of my favorite pictures of my kids involve watermelon, btw. LOL

  • Aww the matching outfits are so cute! And man do I love watermelon! My best friend and I were just talking about how much we can't wait to break open a watermelon and just sit outside and eat it!

  • So fun! Great photos for sure capturing those simple pleasures in life!

    Love little Payson's outfit. I was looking at something like that for Hudson but wasn't sure. Now that I see it on Payson, I am loving the style πŸ™‚

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