Sorry We’re Not Home Right Now

Errands. So very many. Pack them all in before summer really hits us.
Though at 92 degrees today it sure felt like a full-blown summer to me!!

I’ve been looking at Mei Tai carriers online lately. They look easy to put on (crucial). The only problem is I don’t want to spend a lot of money and they aren’t cheap.

I spotted this carrier at Target for $40. It’s a similar style in a brand I’ve heard nothing but bad things about (infantino or something).
That caused me to hesitate on purchasing it, but what the heck, I can always return it if it’s terrible.
I wore Payson around the library for 20 or 30 minutes and didn’t have back pain.
So yay, new carrier for probably half the price I would have spent for the better brand.

Payson is still adamant about elephant and binky coming everywhere with us.
The great thing is, he is a much happier boy with those two along; I can shop in a store for a good 30-45 minutes without him throwing a major fit!

5 thoughts on “Sorry We’re Not Home Right Now

  • I'm glad you like that meitai. I was going to tell you that they are really easy to make if you sew. But honestly, once you buy the fabric, it wouldn't be a ton less than that anyway.

    I hear you on the paci/lovey. Graham has a blankee and has to have it and his paci at all times. I will admit it's probably a lot easier to tote around than that elephant, but whatever it takes to keep them happy is what I say!

  • If you haven't seen them yet, they have covers for the back of your driver and passenger seat, so the kids don't ruin them with dirty feet. They have a strap that velcros around the top of the seat under the head rest and around the bottom of the seat (by your bottom). They are pretty cheap, and they have totally saved my “dove grey” seat backs. Got them at Babies R Us.

  • Very cute carrier! I am debating which one to use for our upcoming trip to Disneyland. I have the Snuggli/Bjorn style and also a Baby K'tan that is similar to a Moby.

  • My friend gave me a wrap similar to a Moby. I've only used it once when the baby was like 3 days old or so. And I was completely engorged so I had a hard time getting her in comfortably. Now that I am not anymore I wanna try it again. My friend that gave it to me has one too (her daughter is 8 months now) and she loves hers! I've never used a wrap or sling ever but I have a feeling I am going to love this one. Especially since she is in a convertible carseat and not an infant seat so I have to take her out and carry her everywhere we go.

    Payson does look cute in there.It doesn't bother you with your itty bitty tummy?

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