Barefoot in the Desert

This week, despite trying to be ok with it, the realization that summer is almost here had thrown me into a bit of a depression.

Until Allan told me that our backyard landscaping has been scheduled and will be done within a month! Thank goodness for that. I don’t think I could survive an Arizona summer without a backyard to set up a sprinkler or baby pool in.

Yes I could use the porch but that pales in comparison to lovely, soft, green grass!

The dates the landscapers are coming are marked on my calendar with circles and exclamation marks.

Today I was getting extremely moody stuck inside. I thought a few times of taking the kids to the park but honestly I’m sick of the parks around here. The neighborhood park is my least favorite of all and the library park (my personal favorite) is at least a fifteen mile drive.

So instead we puttered around our driveway. Just getting outside into the sun was enough. We didn’t need toys or chalk or bubbles. Just walking around and chatting.

Both girls resisted wearing shoes out of sheer laziness. And out of my own sheer laziness I didn’t bother insisting that they put them on. And since I thought we’d stay on the driveway I didn’t bother with Payson’s shoes, either.

Right before heading into the house the kids were tempted by the wildflowers and cautiously made their way into the desert.

And Payson, not only never to be outdone by his sisters, but always eager to and naturally able to surpass them (physically), tramped through the desert without a flinch or complaint.

Without a complaint, unlike his sister here with him. Who complained the entire time. I told her to get her shoes but she couldn’t open our door by herself.
Though really she barely tried.

Even so, within a couple minutes of entering the desert we headed back home to give poor Sierra’s feet a break.

And as boring as it is, that was the most thrilling part of our day!

In case you’re wondering, the path we were walking on in the desert is totally free of cactus and prickers. It’s a gravel-dirt covered walking trail. Any sensitivies Sierra was having were from the little pebbles and sturdier weeds growing along the trail.

Mostly the weeds, really. Some were so thick and strong they poked my feet. Though I hardly would have noticed if it wasn’t for Sierra’s constant reminding 😉

3 thoughts on “Barefoot in the Desert

  • That looks like a lot of fun. It's been raining here the past few days and I'm sooooo ready to get back outside with my kids before the summer heat is too much to bear. I love the girls outfits too! Where did you get them?

  • I laugh when I open up your blog and I see another one of my daughter's outfits on one of your girls. LOL The outfit that Brooklyn is wearing… my brother-in-law JUST yesterday bought that outfit for my 4 year old daughter along with another one similar is colors to Sierra's. I'm sure you'll see them on my blog soon… she hasn't wore them yet obviously.

    And that looks like fun anyway. Sometimes going outside is all you need.

    P.S. Do you have a facebook? I was friends with you on twitter but I haven't used that is a LONG time. Just wondering 🙂

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