Oh Payson

I remember when Payson was a baby I wrote a post about him and titled it Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
I reposted it today.

Almost two years later and I still think of Payson as a Jekyll and Hyde sort.

He is the whiniest, clingiest, most destructive, annoying little toddler to ever walk the Earth.

But he is also the cutest, funniest, silliest, most creative, bringer of joy to ever walk the Earth, too!

And I don’t make the Jekyll-Hyde comparison lightly, he is up or down, hot or cold, ornery or lovely.

Black and white only here; it is never gray, it is always one or the other.

It’s really quite amusing when it’s not utterly exhausting.

4 thoughts on “Oh Payson

  • Such cute pictures of your little man! 🙂 I think Levi is very much like that too. When he is happy…he is the best most wonderful happy child ever…but when he is NOT HAPPY…LOOK OUT! 😉 I love that last shot of Payson with his feet in the air! 😉 Too cute!

    I hope everyone is feeling ok in your house today! 🙂

  • I think anyone can who has more than one child can relate. I know I can! No two are alike, right? I was just thinking about this today when I was driving – I have 5 and they are all such unique personalities, all so different from each other but all definitely such a blessing (and yes I have a Payson personality-type too!)

  • He could just be Bipolar like G'ma D!! It would be alleviated with meds?! LOL! Well, maybe, it is genetic you know! He is such a cutie. You can almost see his personality in his little face. Is he like Chris used to be? This is how I would've described him to a “T”.

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