A Great Smile Makes All the Difference

or at least that’s what the wall at my new dentist’s office tells me.

Hmm, it does?
So if I get my teeth straightened and whitened and looking like I’m ready for the big screen my children will stop making messes, I’ll be able to afford a cook and Payson will stop being a whiny butt?! Why did nobody tell me this before??

I broke a molar on Saturday so this morning I got to go to my least favorite place on Earth… the dentist.

Anyone remember my dentist trauma last year? If not, I went to a new dentist a few minutes from my house. He was horrible. I had a crown put in and it hurt for months. It still hurts now, actually!
So I was putting off getting the needed work done until after my pregnancy but when my molar broke it became a need to fix right now situation.

I went in today expecting do get a crown. I wasn’t expecting a root canal but that’s what I got.
Yay me. An extra special dental procedure!

7 thoughts on “A Great Smile Makes All the Difference

  • That sounds AWFUL!!! I hate the dentist too. I haven't been since Natalie was 3 mos old! I keep putting it off til I'm done with the childbearing stuff too. And now that Leah is nursing so well, I'm hoping it will be a long time til I have to go back! HA! I hope that your recovery is very fast and smooth!!!

  • You poor girl. Root canals. Puking kids. Cranky toddler. Pregnant.

    You deserve a cook and a massage and a nap! (all things I wanted on a regular basis when I was pregnant. So I imagine you wouldn't likely turn them down!) Now if I would only supply the opportunity right?

    Sounds like a rough week. Hope it gets better!

  • Ok I really need to go to the dentist but I am scared. There is one near us that gives you the option to knock you out for the whole appt….hmm maybe I shall do that?

    ps you have beautiful hair!

  • Yikes! How did you break it? That sounds scary.

    I know what you mean about dental trauma. When I was 16 my dentist filled a cavity but did something weird and I still cannot chew on that side because if food hits that tooth the wrong way it's like getting an electric jolt all through my body.

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