Just What We Needed

Brooklyn called us into her room last night sometime between 9 and 10. There was puke all over her, her bed, and the floor. My heart sank as my own stomach threatened to heave.

Thank goodness Allan cleaned up her room while I gave her a bath.

Just doing the laundry from all of it was twisting my stomach severely.
And though I have to cancel my OBGYN appointment for today last minute (which I hate) I’m thankful she only threw up once more last night and it all made it into the garbage bag. And despite waking up about a million other times to her moaning in her sleep, it was an ok night.

I really hope no one else gets it. I can’t handle Sierra or Payson sick, they’re screamers when they’re feeling ill.

9 thoughts on “Just What We Needed

  • Oh no! We joined your “House of Ill” this past week as well, ER vistis and all.

    My oldest is a screamer when she's sick, drives me crazy!

  • Uggghh. I'm sorry she's sick. Throw up is the worst!! I have a really hard time with it as well. Thank goodness for husbands to help clean. Tim usually cleans up the bulk of it too, if he's here. But if there's ever one of us who gets vomited on, it's me. I'm always the one holding them when they're sick. It seems like there has been a lot of this type of thing going on this season. Every one of my kids has thrown up multiple times this winter/spring. I hope she gets better soon and no one else gets it!

  • Ohhhhh no! This makes me sick to my stomach (from nerves) just worrying that it will hit us next! I'm always in a state of panic when I hear someone has the stomach bug. I hate that sickness. Especially when the babies have it. You feel so helpless and with the younger ones you just never know when puke will fly out everywhere! I am PRAYING that the rest of your family will sneak by without getting it and I pray ours doesn't get it either!! There are lots of people around our family that have had it lately. Mia is my one that can't handle being sick. Maggie is usually a trooper…but I hate for any of them to have the puke bug. 🙁

    Poor Brooklyn 🙁

  • Bless her heart 🙁 Looks like you do what I do when the puking sets in. I have houston's old crib mattress that he never hardly slept on since we coslept that I break out put it on top of a blanket on top of the hardwoods and it is way less messy to clean…could it have been something she ate?

  • Poor baby! Hope she feels better soon!

    My husband is the one who deals with all the vomit in this house too. I am a wimp. I do it when he's not around but it's only been like once luckily.

  • I hope she's feeling better!

    In January, we had a bug go through the house. My 16yo son was the first to get it….imagine a 6ft tall, 16yo boy, whining and crying while he's vomiting. It wasn't pretty, or fun. But, afterwards when we talked about it, it was pretty funny.

    I hope no one else gets the bug! big hugs to you!

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