I Will Sketch a Flower

Little girls and flowers. Has there ever been anything sweeter, cuter, or more lovely to watch?

Since Brooklyn was old enough to look at the world around her she’s been enamored with flowers.

At first, eating them.

As she grew, picking them.

She grew a little more and it was smelling them.

And now at the age of 6, it’s drawing them.
Though we really can’t leave out smelling and picking them since that is also a regular occurence!

Sierra is much the same in every way when it comes to flowers.

With spring fully underway here in Arizona, today we searched for all of our books about flowers, we packed up paper and crayons and headed to the arboretum for some flower drawing.

We left nice and early so that the weather would be reasonable. It was 68 as we drove. High 60s and bright sun. Nice!

I was surprised by how quickly they got into their artwork. I honestly expected the coloring to be last on their mind since they’re usually running around the entire time we’re there.

But that wasn’t the case at all. They started coloring and didn’t stop until they’d filled their pages with color.

Payson during this time?

Oh you know, walking around. Dumping out crayons. Stealing the girls’ purses. Trying to walk through the flowers. Typical toddler stuff.

He caught sight of this thing and spent the rest of the time over there.
“Ball, ball! Moon, moon!” (Moon means balloon)

Once home with our goodies (lots of flowers and leaves, not picked from the arboretum) we sat down for some more flower learning.

We redid our bean experiment since doing it in jars was a total flop.

The girls did flower and leaf rubbings and lots of other crafts while I read books about flowers and plants to them.

Some of the stuff they did.

Payson during this? Making a mess, of course.

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