So Long Winter

As May approaches there is constant talk of lake trips, camping, swimming and sprinklers. I can hardly believe summer is almost here. I will really miss this beautiful Arizona winter.

We bought swimsuits during a JCPenney 50% off sale and the girls have been begging to buy a baby pool ever since. And that is why today we found ourselves at good old WalMart (Target is much further away) happily browsing the summer aisle.

Oh the frisbees, the squirt guns, the goggles, the sunscreen.

I am ready to face this summer, with all the torturous 100+ degree weather that comes with it!
Sierra asked to push the cart around the store and did a good job of it. She was also doing her very Sierra thing and reciting her favorite poem as we shopped… (if it’s not a poem or short story or phrase it’s a song)

The Tickle Rhyme

“Who’s that tickling my back?” said the wall.
“Me,” said a small
Caterpillar. “I’m learning
To crawl.”
Ian Serrallier

From the Random House Book of Poetry for Children (I highly recommend it!)
We got home and immediately the house was buzzing from all the talking the girls were doing. Going on and on about the pool. Pretty much prancing and skipping with joy around the living room and pool box.

I started lunch and setting up the pool at the same time. It was chaotic as I ran back and forth working on lunch and unpacking the pool and starting the electronic pump and then opening and assembling the new kids’ table I bought.

My kids are rough on children’s tables and the four we’ve had have all been broken!

I burned two grilled cheese sandwiches beyond recognition before I finally learned my lesson and stayed in the kitchen the entire time the third one was cooking. The kids were climbing all over the in-process-of-inflating pool and knocking out the electronic pump but by golly I was not going to burn another piece of bread!

After setting everything up, getting everyone decked out in their swimsuits, and carrying the pool/table/lunch/bubble machine outside we all sat down to enjoy lunch before a nice cool dip in the pool.

And by cool I mean cold.

I poured 6 pots of boiling water in with the freezing hose water and it got the water to be more cool than cold. I had warned the kids it was too cold yet for swimming but they were pretty set on swimming anyway!

Lunch was something I crave a lot. Tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. Pretty much anything in the world with tomatoes in it is heaven to me.

Eating outside is happiness.

I also made some fries.

Payson had an entirely different lunch today since grilled cheese sandwiches are a huge no-no (dairy and gluten? yikes!) and the fries had modified food starch in them (contains gluten) and he does like tomato soup, I just used all of it for the girls. lol
Payson’s lunch is carrots and hummus and gluten-free granola. (He’d eaten a banana just before lunch, too.)

I bought some hummus from the store when it was on sale recently. I’ve made my own from 3 or 4 different recipes all with disastrous results and figured before giving up entirely on it I’d buy some from someone who knows what they’re doing.
And it was delicious! And Payson and Sierra are huge fans of it now!

After a fun, messy lunch, the kids went for the pool.

After they’d gotten used to the water temperature I brought out the bubble machine.

A quote from Sierra today, “This is the funnest time EVER!!”

We spent a good two hours out there eating and splashing around.

We came inside and everyone got baths. I was finishing up my 1 minute shower when the man installing our sunscreens knocked on the door. 3 hours late. And I had to sprint for clothes and toss them on my still-wet body and answer the door. Fun times.

After getting everyone dressed again I started an hour-long, intense-cleaning spree while the kids colored pictures. They drew themselves playing in their pool, of course 🙂

By this time they were “so hungry!” for a snack so I cut up some fruit and made some toast with nutella.
And hot chocolate because, yum!

Payson got the fruit and a gluten-free breadstick and some chocolate (coconut) milk. He’s never had chocolate milk and was loving it!
While they ate their snack I edited pictures and uploaded them to photobucket. Then I started dinner.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

12 thoughts on “So Long Winter

  • I love this time of year even though I HATE Arizona's heat! I can't wait to get my kiddos wet. We love to go to the splash parks. And everyone has new bathing suits for the summer! Well except Me of course… I need to get on that as soon as I have this baby!

    Love the pictures. Looks like such a fun day and I love all the easy, healthy food! Oh and I NEED a bubble machine now!

  • Wow, what a GREAT day! :)Love the photos!

    I know you hate the heat, I could not stand that hot of weather at all on a regular basis… however, I must admit I am a bit jealous. Out here in Washington the high is like 42 degrees, wind and rain – snow in the foothills/mountains. I am ready for some sunshine!!!

  • SO jealous of your warm weather. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bubble pics…now I want to go buy bubbles. Great belly pic too. 🙂

  • Looks like a lot of fun! That is the same pool I plan to get for this summer. That way I can climb in with my big pregnant belly and play with Preston. We won't get to enjoy it as long as you will but our summers get plenty hot, too.

  • love the pics of each kid in the pool, love the bubbles, the belly shot (dang you look great pregnant)!!!! i wanna have little ones with a pool now! i especially need to have that brand name for hummus. i have had the same disastrous results with homemade! love and miss you, mommeeeeee

  • What a fun day! I'm surprised it was was too cool for swimming…it's 90* in NC! And our family loves hummus too, we like Sabra.

  • Well…you are just the best mommy ever! My kids want to come live with you! 😉 What a fun day! I love all the pics and I'm SO happy you posted a belly shot! You look so GREAT!!! I've been wondering what the 4th time around preggo belly was like! I mean it when I say you look fantastic! I miss having a pregnant belly! (Not so much that I want another, but I still miss the belly!) Sierra sounds so much like Maggie at times! That child never stops singing and talking to herself! 🙂 The quote about it being the funnest time ever is so something that my girls would say! It's so sweet how just a simple day in the yard can be SO MUCH FUN to them! 🙂 Anyway, I loved this post! 🙂

    What does Nutella taste like?! We have never had it before!

  • We are enjoying the last few weeks of Spring here in TX too before the hot 90s and 100s are upon us.

    Do you have an IKEA in your area? That's where I bought our kids table almost 8 years ago and it doesn't even have a nick on it (crayon and marker scribbles but that's to be expected… 🙂 ).

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