I Couldn’t Love Them More

In the midst of the chaos that is my life as a mother, in the midst of frustration at my own flaws in dealing with it all, in the midst of the noise and the confusion and the messes (oh the messes I’ve cleaned), there are millions of moments of absolute perfection.

Noticing that everyone in the house is laughing. Tears in the eyes laughing. Doubled-over belly laughing.

Spotting cross-legged little girls in front of a random assortment of toys and hearing two little voices engaged in sisterly bonding.

Watching two toddler arms reaching up as “maaamaaa” is requested, feeling arms and legs wrap tightly around my torso. Preparing food with a heavy weight on my hip.

Perfect moments in my imperfect life.

Tuna boats with goldfish crackers are pretty darn fun.

Except that my daughters only ate the cheese! Tuna = Fail

The only picture I’ve taken of myself for a while.

Brooklyn’s been enjoying giving Sierra piggy back rides.

Sprouts has coconut milk now! Maybe they always had and I just wasn’t observant enough to notice, but either way I’m over the moon happy about it. As is Payson.

Weekly trips to the pizza parlor shouldn’t be a regular thing, should they? But, but I very much like pizza!

And so do these munchkins!

I’ve just run out of pictures so Sierra here will bid you farewell.

10 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Love Them More

  • mmmm pizza. I could eat pizza every day. I love it! 😉 Your babies are so precious and I love all the pictures! Your posts are always so full of good stuff. That last one of Sierra….she looks like a little angel! So sweet! The pic of you is really pretty too! I have so many things I want to blog about…but I'm trying so hard to get caught up with the business first. I'm thinking that's not going to happen though!

  • Oooh! I miss your kids! Sierra's hair is darling. You look gorgeous your self. I love that you put your pictures on here also. I have a hard time with taking any of my self.

  • “frustration at my own flaws in dealing with it all” That totally sums up how I feel! I feel like I know that every other mom has hard days too, but that it's my way of dealing with it that makes me sad sometimes. I gotta stay positive!

  • Cute post! It is the little moments that mean the most. The one of them doing piggybacks is a great picture of both of them.

  • This post makes me want to pull out my camara more! p.s. Those boats are great! Child nutrition is a passion of mine 🙂

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