A Long Time at the Mall!

Have I mentioned I hate shopping?

I’ve gone out many times during this month (and by many I mean around four) to look for maternity clothes. I’ve been to at least 10 different stores and found absolutely nothing I like.

My regular clothes still fit but very uncomfortably. I can’t stand anything even a tiny bit tight against my stomach. I don’t own anything baggy or loose so this is a major problem! lol

Yesterday I decided that it was time to just buy clothes even if I don’t like the way they look. I am now way more concerned with comfort!

So the kids and I hit the mall.

We got to the mall around lunchtime and even though we’d eaten an hour earlier my kids decided they couldn’t last another second without food so we ate lunch at the food court.

We visited three different restaurants to get food that everyone liked and wasn’t allergic to. Subway for the girls, Panda Express for Payson, and a corndog for me! Yum.

Payson was very excited when I set his plate down in front of him.
He got the broccoli beef meal and surprisingly liked the broccoli more than the beef.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m anal about the messes my kids leave in restaurants. Luckily my kids are typically very clean eaters when we’re out but rice and Payson do NOT make a good match. He spilled a lot of his rice on the chair.
BUT the chair was so large that only a teensy bit of rice got on the floor! I was able to clean up the mess and felt really happy.

I know you all think I’m weird now, don’t you?

Payson is obsessed with sharing his food with everyone else. He does it every single meal we eat. Lately I’ll pretend to ignore his offering and then I’ll suddenly lunge for the food and rip it from his hands, surprising him and making him erupt in giggles.

Brooklyn thought what we were doing looked really fun so she came over to play, too.

He never gets tired of it.

The girls chose our table because it was the closest one to a carousel in the mall. All through lunch they talked about it. We haven’t been on a carousel for probably two years. The last time we rode one was at a zoo when we lived in Texas.

Payson’s never been on a carousel.

He had the biggest grin and kept looking up at me in such a cute way. I can’t even describe it but it was adorable.


We did a lot of shopping in between all of this stuff, I just didn’t bother to take pictures because… boring.

We went outside because the weather was so dang nice. I let the kids play by the fountain. I was holding Payson’s hand or shirt the whole time because he kept trying to sprint full speed and didn’t have a care in the world that there was a fountain he could fall into.
I made sure that when I wasn’t holding his hand that I was a foot or two away from him and in between him and the water. It wasn’t dangerous or anything but I certainly didn’t want a sopping wet child!

That wasn’t good enough though, because he decided randomly to go on a run. A full-speed sprint. And where did he sprint to?

The stairs.

Do you think he stopped or even slowed down when he was approaching the stairs?

Luckily for Payson the momentum of his running took him safely down the stairs a ways before he stumbled and started to roll. And luckily he started to roll instead of fall straight down because he rolled a few feet and came to a slow, gentle stop! He was perfectly fine. Not a scratch or bruise on him!

Still we made sure to keep a close eye on him and I didn’t let him go back up near the fountain again!

After playing outside for a half hour we had one last stop to make. We spent some time at Borders bookstore. Payson, for the first time in as long as I can remember, fell asleep in a store!

I was in such shock over it that I took a picture to document the occasion!

Which is funny because the same exact thing happened with Brooklyn at this same age so I took a picture to document it!
Brooklyn (2005):

After paying for our books we were on our way out and walking through the Seattle’s Best coffee shop and smelling the delicious smells (I love coffee but don’t drink it) and I had to stop for some hot chocolate!

It was too hot for Payson so he and I shared a water. He was pretty darn thrilled with his water the rest of the day (though in this picture he’d just woke up and was dazed.)

Right before we left the mall to head home I spotted a photobooth and well… a photobooth, come on, how can I resist??

The pictures strips we got make me smile. The first set is the first time we tried it with all of us. My kids could NOT figure it out. I should’ve explained things to the kids better before hand! lol
The second time with just the girls, after I’d explained where to look and sit, was way cuter 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Long Time at the Mall!

  • Have you looked at Gap Maternity online or Old Navy maternity? That is where I've gotten pretty much all my stuff. Target has some cute stuff sometimes too.

  • I had a hard time finding maternity clothes I liked too. I never did resolve the issue so I'm no help. I just want to say though I think you're such an amazing mom. You always do such fun things with your kids. I hope as mine get older I can have the same kind of fun.

  • I was going to mention that my SIL just wore the long stretchy t-shirts from stores like Aeropostale and American Eagle during her pregnancy, but those were pretty fitted…maybe that wouldn't be the right option.
    I still say yoga pants are the way to go. Go commando if you have to (LOL), but I have these undies that I wear for work (panty lines show up under scrubs, too) that would probably be perfect for you.
    I get mine at Target or WalMart.

    Yes, I just linked my undies in the comment section of your blog. Our friendship has reached a new level. LMBO!!

  • no pressure but i love it when you blog!! they are so precious and i miss them so so much!! love you too….hugs, mommeeeeeee

  • Oh my gosh! We were at that mall on Thursday around lunch time, too! Talon rode the carousel and was the only kid on it. That would have been too crazy if we would have run into each other!

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