This Isn’t Fun!

A few years ago this statement (made very often by Brooklyn) would’ve bothered me. I would have ignored it but inside I would’ve felt offended.
You see Brooklyn is a very difficult child to raise. Have I mentioned that?
I’m sure I have on many occasions. Especially when she was 3, 4, and 5.

One of the many difficult things to deal with as her parent is her hatred of change.
Her inadaptability.
Her need to adjust to the idea of an activity (no matter how fun) before she acknowledges that it is fun and she loves doing it.

I got the book, The Difficult Child, by recommendation on some site online over a year ago.

The book perfectly describes Brooklyn and even more helpful it isn’t a book on how to fix your child. It’s a book on how to raise a normal child who happens to have some personality traits that are hard for parents to deal with.
I love that about this book. There is nothing wrong with Brooklyn, she just has a different temperment than I do.

It helps knowing why she does what she does.

If I bring up an activity she will only like it if it isn’t replacing another option she’s been thinking about.

For instance this week she wanted to play with chalk and no matter what else I offer she would shout out, “I hate that! That isn’t fun!” (She had a fever this week and it was friggin’ hot outside!)

But then using all kinds of craft supplies to make a paper bag puppet kept her busy for over an hour and she said during, “I LOVE this! I LOVE this so much I’m going to cry!! Can I make more??”

She had a total and complete blast! And thanks to the book her initial outburst when I suggested the activity, “This isn’t fun!!” didn’t phase me at all.

~~I also know that when she tells me after a really fun activity that she, “didn’t have fun” or that she, “hated that” or that she, “never wanted to do that” that she really means:
“I loved that and am upset that it’s over.”

She does love things we do, an awful lot, so much so that she doesn’t want them to end and impulsively expresses that with hatred of the activity when she means to express hatred of the end of that activity.

Relentlessly Sick

I’m finally feeling back to normal now. But this weekend Allan seems to have gotten the stomach flu and Brooklyn has something but I have no idea what it is. Saturday afternoon she randomly got a fever of 103.
Her fever has been doing fine with children’s motrin and after a phone call to her doctor today we decided to wait until tomorrow to see if the fever breaks before bringing her in.

I want to avoid antibiotics if possible because she just had a round of antibiotics earlier this month. I try to avoid medicines with my kids when possible and most definitely want to avoid two antibiotic treatments in the same month!

She has no other symptoms. Right now her temperature is 99.8 after some motrin.

In other non-exciting news, since I’ve been feeling better I spent my entire morning cleaning. It’s crazy being physically able to do so much housework. I was actually happy cleaning!

And also, I never blogged about how I’ve been feeling the baby move (for two weeks now) but while I was sick, for three days, I didn’t feel him/her move at all and was starting to get just a little worried.
Today she/he has been back to her/his normal kicking so that’s a huge worry gone 🙂

Um, what else can I throw into this random post?

I went shopping this afternoon. It was the first time I left the house for 5 days and it was fantastic! Who knew shopping could be so fun? Not me!
I took Sierra and Payson while Allan and Brooklyn were home sleeping.

At our local store I found some coconut milk yogurt for Payson. You have no idea how excited I am about that. It’s packed full with good probiotics and will go great in his smoothies.
I also got some kale to add to his smoothies. He loves smoothies and they’re one of my favorite things to give him for snacktime. I often freeze them and let him have them in popsicle form and he can’t get enough of them!

What else? Anything? It’s been a boring week!

I took a few really awful pictures today just because.

Payson helping me with dishes. He pulls my rubber gloves off the counter and shuts the dishwasher or climbs onto the dishwasher or empties out the dishwasher or throws his toys into the dishwasher.
Very helpful.

When Allan’s not sleeping he’s getting a bit of work done on his laptop.

One of Payson’s favorite activities. Pull out all of the containers of rice milk from the cupboard and open the tops. Right before I snapped this he hit his head. Poor thing.

Before I made Brooklyn take a nap they had snacktime and colored, too.


We have yet to put her sheets back on from the puke fest. Even though they’re clean. We’ve been sick and sheets on the bed hasn’t even been on my radar of things to get done. lol


Even though he’s the ultimate stinker, he’s my buddy.

Tonight after bathtime we made some silly faces in the mirror. I’m positive these are the ugliest pictures of me ever but I’m posting them anyway because Payson is so darn hilarious in them.

Me and baby boy got the stomach flu on Wednesday night. I got it so much worse than any of the kids. It was pretty darn awful. I’m glad I didn’t post about it when it was happening because I’m sure I would have gone on for paragraphs and paragraphs about the amount of vomiting and the extreme stomach pain and all the screaming Payson was doing and the awful way I could barely stay awake and yet couldn’t sleep and yet the miraculous way Allan stayed up and helped me with Payson and actually put Payson in a good mood.

Yeah, I would have gone on and on about it and it’s all summed up perfectly in that short paragraph!

Anyway, that was Wednesday and I’m barely recovering. I still feel so weak despite napping when Payson naps… but Allan’s been home since it’s the weekend and he’s been doing almost all (probably all, actually) of the child care. I’ve been sitting on the couch or sleeping on the couch!

Oh, hey, I just remembered I should add these pictures of Payson from tonight. He got a hair cut.

When asked to make a mad face:
I realize this post is super scattered. Sorry, I’m just a bit tired!

Phoenix Zoo Trip

I’ve been planning a zoo trip for the kids for a couple of weeks.
I’ve kept my eye on for a nice 60 or 70 degree day to go. We’re going to start an animal unit (mammal unit) for homeschool soon and what better way to kick it off than to go see some animals?

We bought a carousel pass when we bought our tickets. I really love the carousel, I wish I could sit on one of the animals and ride!

Standing next to my kids with their huge smiles is fun, too 🙂

After the carousel we went straight over to the giraffes. Sierra had requested seeing the giraffes and the zebras more than anything.

This might be the only picture of Payson from the zoo. I let him walk around for half an hour with us but around 20 minutes into that he stopped staying near me and starting sprinting off. It was busy so after I took this picture he got strapped into the new wrap I bought and stayed there (very happily) for the next 2 hours.

The girls were looking at komodo dragons here.

We headed over to the children’s area after a while. It was so pretty over there.

Sierra really wanted to get a turn to sit on the alligator. After some other kids left she went and sat right on its head. lol

Near the bird cages there were these pretty flowers. The girls spent some time smelling the flowers.

Reflection in the gift shop window as we left the zoo.

Brooklyn fell twice during our zoo visit. The first time she was running full speed down a hill and fell at the end. Her knees got a bit scraped but nothing too drastic.

The second time she was walking along the curb and tripped and her left knee hit the curb as she came down. It was a really nasty scrape. I washed it out with some water and tissues and a nice gentlemen stopped and gave us these bandaids.

I obviously didn’t take picures during all that but this was 15 minutes later, the blood had dripped all down her leg into her shoes. It looked pretty awful in the midst of it all.

I bought Payson a new elephant at the gift shop. I wanted something smaller for him to bring on shorter errands. He loves it. Of course not even close to as much as his elephant, but it’s a good filler.

On the way home we stopped at Pizza Hut since the girls were “starving!”

I didn’t feel so hot so I barely picked at mine. The girls didn’t like this pizza as much as Barro’s so they only ate half a slice each, too.
Which was fine because that means lots of leftovers.

Payson had a gluten-free granola bar. He also had a wedge fry.

So about those leftovers…
I guess I was more tired than I even knew. I’ve never left something on the top of the car like that in my life. I guess there’s a first time for everything.