I Think About You All the Time

You know if there weren’t meals to cook, lessons to teach, bums to wipe, places to go, phone calls to make…

I’d be spending all my time with you.

You are always there for me. You give me exactly what I need. You are the safest, softest place to fall.

Our time together is so very limited.

So many things want to pull me away from you.

No one seems to get that you are so very healthy for me.

I long to curl up under your blankets and press my face into your pillows. I long for that firm but oh so soft support from your mattress.

Oh dear bed, how I wish we could meet more often!

3 thoughts on “I Think About You All the Time

  • Great post! Love your bedspread,mins is in the same colors 😉

    Aw, I am jealous of you! I just went and took pics of my friends baby was born last night….and OMG it makes my ovaries ache! LOL SOOOOOO cute.

    The pregnancy is worth it. Though I loathe it 🙂

    Last night made me want to steal a little baby from the hosptial..LOL

  • The fact that I read this post today…as I've been running on 3 hours of sleep (sick & teething toddler) is so fitting!

    P.S. Cute comforter

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